The Real Reason Billionaire Elon Musk Wanted To Live In A Tiny House

While some billionaires keep to themselves and no one even knows who they are, that isn’t the case with Elon Musk. After buying Twitter in 2022 and renaming it X, he became even more newsworthy. In fact, according to Forbes, Musk is the wealthiest person ever. Of course, controversy has followed him around for a long time now. People have many strong opinions about the man who made his billions thanks to technology. Stephen Colbert once labeled him “supervillain” and Musk and Mark Zuckerberg don’t get along.

Although people would expect Elon Musk to live in an elegant mansion (and to have mansions in pretty much every city in the world), he actually made a different decision about his living situation. Here’s why he chose to live in a tiny home.

Why Did Elon Musk Choose A Tiny House?

While many people thought that Elon Musk lived in a tiny house designed by Boxabl, he shared in a 2022 interview on the podcast Full Send that he lived in another tiny house. He said that it had three bedrooms instead of being just one room.

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According to Hello! Magazine, Elon Musk talked about his tiny home on the podcast. He explained the reason why he wanted to live in it: because it was close to his work.

Musk said:

“It’s a tiny… It’s a small small house… It was right next to the Rocket Factory. So I can literally just walk to the Rocket Factory.”

Musk also said, “I use the boxabl as my guesthouse, so if a friend comes and stays then they can stay in the boxabl if they want.”

Musk added more about his tiny house:

“The house I bought actually cost less than the boxabl, it was $45k or something, but I’ve done a lot with the place. It’s technically a three-bedroom, it used to be a two-bedroom, but I converted the garage into a third bedroom.”

What Is Elon Musk’s Boxabl Home Like? (According to Hello! Magazine)

a kitchen island, fridge, dishwasher, oven

a living room, bedroom, and kitchen
375 square feet

According to Buzzfeed News, Elon Musk spoke to Chris Anderson from TED in the spring of 2022 and talked about his wealth. Musk answered a question about the fact that he is incredibly rich and he said, “For sure, it would be very problematic if I was consuming billions of dollars a year in personal consumption. But that is not the case.”

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Musk also said:

“In fact, I don’t even own a home right now. I’m literally staying at friends’ places — if I travel to the Bay Area, which is where most of Tesla engineering is, I basically rotate through friends’ spare bedrooms.”

While the billionaire got a lot of attention for his tiny house, he used to own some mansions. Elon Musk had put his seven houses on the market.