Jason Kelce Finally Responds After Getting Called Out For Stealing 8th-Grade Chiefs Fan’s Luchador Mask

Jason Kelce has taken action to keep his image intact after getting called out by an 8th grader for making off with his luchador mask on Sunday.

Photo of Jason Kelce in luchador mask and photo of young Chiefs fan with his family


Turns out, the mask the Eagles center was pictured wearing after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl wasn’t his. It belongs to young Chiefs fan Elijah Smith, who took a photo with the NFL veteran before losing his mask to him.


Smith and his parents have made a plea to have the item returned, explaining that Kelce disappeared into the crowd with it after their photo.


The Pro Bowler has since taken to X to launch a campaign to get the kid his mask back.

“Operation ‘Get Elijah His Mask Back’ is underway!” he wrote on X. “I appreciate everyone bringing this to my attention, and look forward to uniting Elijah with his mask once again. Your mask indeed brings great fortune, I owe you big time, sorry it was commandeered.”


Even so, this doesn’t tell us whether he still has it.


The OL didn’t exactly have a sober night, so the mask could quite literally be anywhere right now.

So is this a matter of simply mailing Elijah his mask back or is he petitioning the city of Las Vegas to help him find it?








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