Fans Already Calling Victor Wembanyama A Bust After Video Leaks From First Shootaround In Spurs Jersey: “The Next Darko Milicic” (VIDEO + TWEETS)

NBA fans are ready to jump off the Victor Wembanyama hype train after seeing the Frenchman miss uncontested jumpers during a recent shootaround.

Wemby was drafted as the first overall pick this week, with the San Antonio Spurs unsurprisingly making him their selection. But there’s already some doubt over whether they made the correct choice.

We haven’t witnessed as much hype over an NBA prospect as Wembanyama experienced since it became apparent that LeBron James would be going pro straight from high school in 2003. James has since surpassed expectations and, 20 years later, is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

The video below shows the 19-year-old missing three straight jumpers while in a Spurs uniform. He eventually gets the ball into the rim, but off an alley-hoop, much to everyone’s relief.

It would beg much concern had he missed that too…

Photos of Victor Wembanyama shootaround

The new Spurs player ran off to a deafening applause, another strange bit. And it appears fans are ready to label him a bust based on some of the reactions.

Sure, it would be unfair to judge a 19-year-old based on the above. But the internet is an unforgiving place.