Former NBA Player Enes Kanter Tells WNBA Star To Leave The Country After Her Disgusting Comments

Natasha Cloud is not used to seeing her name in the headlines despite being a star in the WNBA, but she has certainly seen herself on every major platform after what she said about the country last week.

Last week, the Washington Mystics star sounded off on America.

“Our country is trash in so many ways and instead of using our resources to make it better we continue to oppress Marginalized groups that we have targeted since the beginning of times,” she wrote.

“Black/brown communities& LGBTQ+ man we are too powerful to still be attacking issues separate.”

Cloud received some pushback for her comments on social media, but none more critical than from a former NBA player.

Cloud, who sounded off on the problems with America on social media, received a harsh message from Enes Kanter Freedom.

“Let me know when your season is over, I’ll buy your ticket and we can go together to counties like China, Russia, IRAN, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, & Turkey. Forget about calling them trash, I would like to see if you can even criticize those regimes,” the former NBA player tweeted,” he wrote.

“People have NO idea how lucky and blessed they are to be in a country like America. I’m not saying America is perfect, but trust me, you don’t wanna see the other side.”

Enes Kanter talks in the face of LeBron James.NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 13: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Enes Kanter #00 of the New York Knicks exchange words in the first half at Madison Square Garden on November 13, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Kanter Freedom, originally from Turkey, can never step foot in his country ever again because of his opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and support of exiled Fethullah Gulen. In 2019, Turkey wanted an arrest warrant for Kanter and accused him of being a member of a terror organization.

Freedom even stated there was a $500,000 bounty placed on his head and has been on Turkey’s most-wanted terrorist lists.

Cloud spoke out again over the weekend to critics by telling them to come up with something better than “move to Russia or China.”

The 2019 WNBA champion seems unbothered by the backlash.