Diesel and Samantha are the most active social media users of the siblings. They’re both quick to show support and pay tribute to each other and their families on social media. /d

Vin Diesel has three siblings: Paul, Tim and Samantha Vincent

Vin Diesel is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, but his roots lay deep in New York City with his mom, Delora Vincent, and his three siblings: Paul, Tim and Samantha Vincent.

Born Mark Sinclair, Diesel is best known for his role as Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious series, but he’s also starred in films such as Saving Private Ryan (1998) and The Pacifier (2005), along with the XXX and Chronicles of Riddick franchises.

And he’s not the only member of his family involved in the film world. He’s worked with his sister, movie producer Samantha Vincent, and his twin brother Paul Vincent, who works in sound editing. His other brother, Tim Vincent, tends to stay out of the public eye.

Both Tim and Samantha were born to Diesel’s mother and stepfather, Irving H. Vincent. Diesel and his twin brother have never met their biological father, but he’s referred to Irving as his dad, as he adopted the twins when he married Delora.

Diesel often shares updates on his partner, Paloma Jiménez, and their three children on social media, but he rarely speaks about his brothers and sister.

From their work to their relationships with the actor, here’s everything to know about Vin Diesel’s two brothers, Paul and Tim, and his sister, Samantha.

They grew up in New York City

Vin Diesel with his siblings.VIN DIESEL INSTAGRAM

Diesel and Paul were born in Alameda County, California, and moved to New York City with their mother and stepfather, a theater teacher and director. The family lived in Westbeth Artists Housing, a federally subsidized building for low-income artists, according to TIME.

When he was 7 years old, Diesel, Paul and their friends broke into the Theater for the New City in N.Y.C.’s Greenwich Village. The theater’s artistic director caught them. “I thought she was going to call the cops,” he recalled to CNN in 2002. “She said, ‘If you guys want to play here, come every day at four o’clock and learn your lines.’ ”

Paul is Diesel’s fraternal twin

Vin Diesel with his brother, Paul Vincent.Paul is Diesel’s fraternal twin brother. In 2016, Diesel paid tribute to his brother on their birthday with an Instagram post. “Happy Birthday to my original twin brother Paul!” he wrote. “I have watched you grow into such a wonderful dad and family man. You have made me proud every step of the way. We love you!”

Samantha and Tim are Diesel and Paul’s half-siblings

Vin Diesel, Paloma Jiménez and family attend Vin Diesel’s Hand and Footprint Ceremony in 2015.Diesel was raised by his mother, Delora, and his stepfather, Irving. Samantha and Tim were born to Delora and Irving.

In November 2022, Diesel paid tribute to his stepfather on his 88th birthday with an Instagram post. “Happy 88th birthday to my first inspiration… my dad,” he wrote. “All love, Always.” Diesel also took his stage name from Irving; “Vin” comes from Irving’s surname.

For Diesel and Paul’s 50th birthday in 2017, Samantha shared a photo on Instagram with a message calling them “exceptional human beings,” adding, “Older brothers are a blessing and I have two to be thankful for.”

Samantha is a movie producer and has worked with her brother

Samantha Vincent at the after party for the premiere of Universal Picture’s “Riddick” in 2012.Like her brother, Samantha has a career in film — though she works behind the scenes. Diesel founded the production company One Race Films in 1995, and Samantha has been its president since September 2001. The company has produced a number of movies, including multiple in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Other movies she’s worked on include The Last Witch Hunter (2015), Riddick (2013) and XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2017). She’s also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the Producers Guild of America.

Samantha attended Harvard University and sits on multiple boards

Samantha has a master’s degree in educational policy from Harvard University. Before producing, she worked with nonprofits focused on education.

She also sits on the board of directors for Westbeth Artists Housing, where she grew up, and for Private School Axis, an organization that works to diversify independent schools in Los Angeles.

Samantha has one daughter

Vin Diesel with his sister and his father during “Build-A-Bear Workshop” at Fresh Air Fund Spring Gala 2005.Samantha has a daughter, who was born in 2013, and often shares photos of her on Instagram. For Mother’s Day in 2023, she posted a throwback photo of her own mother, Delora, with her daughter as a baby. “Without my mom, none of it would be possible,” Samantha said in the caption. “Always there supporting me professionally and personally. Always there for my daughter.”

In June 2021, she shared that her daughter had won a swimming competition. Samantha also opened up about balancing motherhood with her job. “I think every working mom can relate to the times when work just has to come first. Sometimes it means missing important milestones and events. It is never easy,” she wrote. “But sometimes in those most challenging times, our kids express their independence and do extraordinary things that they might not have done if we were around.”

Paul is a sound editor

Paul Walker and Paul Vincent.Paul is more private than his twin brother and stays out of the public eye. Like his famous sibling, Paul also works in film, but behind the scenes as a sound editor, including for some of the Fast & Furious series.

After Diesel’s Fast & Furious costar Paul Walker died in 2013, Diesel posted a photo on Facebook of Walker with his brother with the caption “The Two Pauls.” The actor wrote, “You see… the other guy in the photo is also named Paul… and although they look more alike, he is actually my twin brother.”

They support one another on social media

Diesel and Samantha are the most active social media users of the siblings. They’re both quick to show support and pay tribute to each other and their families on social media.

In June 2023, Samantha shared photos from her daughter’s swimming competition on Instagram and wrote about scuba diving with her niece and nephew. The previous month, she shared a photo of Diesel smiling at the Fast X premiere, writing in the caption: “I am so very proud and incredibly grateful to be a part of this epic journey.”

In May, Diesel shared photos from a welcome dinner in Italy hosted by his sister for the Fast X team.