EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Jenner critics ‘aghast’ after they spot ‘grotesque’ detail about star’s face in unedited pic at Golden Globes/D

Kylie attended the awards ceremony with her boyfriend Timothee Chalamet

FANS have shared their horror after spotting unedited photos of Kylie Jenner from the Golden Globes.

The Kardashians star has been the center of plastic surgery speculation since her teen years.

Kylie Jenner accompanied Timothee Chalamet to the Golden Globes

Kylie Jenner accompanied Timothee Chalamet to the Golden GlobesCredit: Getty

The couple openly shared their PDA in front of the cameras

The couple openly shared their PDA in front of the camerasCredit: Getty

Fans were more concerned about how 'strange' Kylie's face looked

Fans were more concerned about how ‘strange’ Kylie’s face lookedCredit: CBS
Kylie, 26, left fans floored this week after they found unedited photos of the star while attending the Golden Globes on Sunday.

The reality star showed off her slim figure in a skintight black gown with lace detail and a plunging back.

She wore her hair tied in an updo and full glam makeup for her red carpet appearance.

But after Kylie was photographed inside the event, critics claimed her face looked substantially different than in her edited social snaps.


Many accused the mother of two of regularly photoshopping her features to look smaller, as in person they appeared to look more disproportionate.

“She’s looking roughhhh,” one wrote, opening up the conversation on Reddit.

“Yes, this makeup was so much better than her usual slathered on look – but it just bought home how terribly she has aged and botched her face. She looks like a caricature of herself, the kind they draw on boardwalks!” a second agreed.

“Looking like a playdough doll,” a third contributed.

“I would go into hiding after this!!” a fourth claimed.

“Cause her face was made for insta baddie makeup,” a fifth wrote.


Kylie enjoyed the night with her beau Timothee Chalamet, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Film for Wonka.

The pair cuddled up together and showed plenty of public displays of affection throughout the night.

Timothee wowed in a black suit that complemented his date’s gown.


They were pictured lovingly embracing, but fans also noticed something else strange in their couple photos regarding her facial features.

Many followers thought her face had a sunken appearance.

A user uploaded unedited pictures of Kylie to a popular Kardashians Reddit thread and encouraged users to comment.

They titled the discussion, “Kylie at the Golden Globes. Looking 40 as usual.”

“Why does her face look painful? Oof,” one wrote.

“Her cheeks are too heavy for her face and sag so much,” a third commented.

“How sad to be a botched leather faced looking lady before you’re even 27,” a fourth added.

“I feel so bad for her by the time she is actually 40. Why Kris let her touch her face so young Kim didn’t start chopping her face up till she was mid 30s,” someone else said, expressing concern.

“She always has the fart smell face on. Like, what stinks? Her upper lip?” another said.

Someone chimed in with cosmetic procedure advice, “She needs to dissolve some.”


Despite the criticism, Kylie and Timothee appeared to share tender moments throughout the night, including a quick kiss.

The couple, who started dating in April 2023, sat next to each other at the prestigious event.

Kylie seemed to match with her boyfriend, as they both wore black to accentuate each other’s looks.

They sat facing each other and ignored the rest of the table for a good portion of the night.

The Kardashians star could be seen smiling and adjusting Timothee’s outfit.

The cameras briefly caught the couple sharing a kiss before quickly changing the view – despite several recent breakup rumors.

Kylie attempted to lay low while supporting Timothee at the Goolden Globes

Kylie attempted to lay low while supporting Timothee at the Goolden GlobesCredit: CBS

Fans have accused her of going overboard with plastic surgery recently

Fans have accused her of going overboard with plastic surgery recentlyCredit: Kyle Jenner