Why Travis Kelce’s Managers Worry He’s Getting Too Famous Amid Taylor Swift Romance/D

The two put a plan in action to help him climb the ladder of fame, but he may have gone a little too far.

Tại sao những người quản lý của Travis Kelce lại lo lắng rằng anh ấy đang trở nên quá nổi tiếng giữa mối tình lãng mạn của Taylor Swift (2)

Travis Kelce’s managers are good—maybe a little too good.

André and Aaron Eanes, whom the tight end has known and worked with since college, put together a “carefully manicured business plan” to help launch his career well beyond the walls of Arrowhead Stadium, but now, thanks to the effects of his relationship with Taylor Swift, they’re wondering if things have gone a little too far.

Kelce, of course, skyrocketed to new heights after he was officially linked to the “Suburban Legends” songstress, when his primarily young-to-middle-aged male fanbase mixed together with her primarily female-of-all-ages fanbase.

“The awareness of Travis is much larger and with an even broader audience,” Richard Lovett, the co-chairmen of Kelce’s acting agency, Creative Artists Agency, said. “It’s accelerated that which was probably inevitable in terms of his level of awareness and appeal.”

In a profile with the New York Times, in which the two offered insight into the careful planning that went into that inevitable rise, the Eanes brothers also admitted that, going into the new year, “oversaturation” is certainly a “potential area of concern.” With a fear of fans becoming desensitized to the sight of him, the team plans to more carefully curate their partnerships in 2024, focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to signing a deal.

For example, signing with brands like Pfizer and Experian—two partnerships outside of the typical NFL deals where players swap in and out with one another that were intended to prove Kelce’s ability as a pitchman in his own right.

But, while fans may be more interested in Swift’s wardrobe than the couple’s midnight kiss, we have a good feeling about his longevity.