Alessandra Ambrosio, 42, Stuns in a Glamorous Sequin Dress, Flaunting Her Enviable Legs at the GCDS Show in Milan Fashion Week

Alessandra Ambrosio proved age is just a number as she flaunted her toned legs while on her way to the GCDS show at Milan Fashion Week on Thursday.

The statuesque model, 42, made jaws drop in a stunning silver minidress adorned with sparkly sequins.

The Brazilian beauty’s ample cleavage was on full display in the skimpy number.

She  wore her chestnut brown locks loose around her shoulders as she rocked a pair of sky-high black stiletto boots.

Alessandra kept her accessories to a minimum, rocking a silver bracelet on one hand as she clutched her cell phone.

Silver siren: Alessandra Ambrosio, 42, proved age is just a number as she flaunted her toned legs on Thursday

She was on her way to the GCDS show at Milan Fashion Week as she modeled a stunning silver minidress

The only other accessory Alessandra chose to add to her show-stopping outfit was a single silver ring.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel — who recently split from fellow model Richard Lee — has been keeping herself busy posing in a variety of leg-baring outfits at Milan Fashion Week.

A source told exclusively that the couple are ‘on a break’ a la Ross and Rachel from Friends.

‘She has always been really fond of him so maybe they will work it out, but who knows?’ the insider added that, ‘They have been apart for months now, so it’s not likely.’

However, the reported breakup hasn’t stopped the brunette beauty from honing her passion for fashion.

She was spotted earlier in September rocking a tiny white bikini on the beach before she hit Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour concert.

The doting mom also helped her daughter Anja celebrate her 15th birthday by letting her and her friends have a party at the model’s Beverly Hills home.Proving that she’s a parent first above all else, Alessandra wrote a loving post in her daughter’s honor for her milestone birthday.

‘Happy 15th birthday my forever baby girl @anjaambrosiom,’ the 5’10 model captioned a photo dump of images of herself with Anja.

She added, in Portuguese, ‘Mommy loves you endlessly.’

Sky-high: The statuesque model wore her chestnut brown locks loose around her shoulders as she rocked a pair of sky-high black stiletto boots

Model citizen: The toned beauty was joined by a friend at one point before the show began at Milan Fashion Week

Fountain of youth: The ageless model commanded attention in her eye-catching ensemble

Ready to runway: The mother-of-two struck one excellent pose after another

Muscular mom: The Ralph Lauren model looked toned from head to toe in her Milan Fashion Week outfit

In another loving Instagram post for her mini-me, Alessandra wrote, ‘May all your dreams come true and I’m so proud of the woman you are becoming,’ tagging Anja and adding pink heart emojis.

She added, ‘Te amo infinitamente,’ which translates from Spanish to English to ‘I love you always.’

Alessandra shares her daughter, as well as her son Noah, 10, with ex-fiance Jamie Manzur.

Still proving to be one of the world’s hottest models in her 40s, Alessandra posed in a busty cheetah-print corset and matching pants for Schon Switzerland Magazine earlier in September.

She also set pulses races back in August when she rocked another skimpy bikini and a puffer jacket for the cover of Vogue Mexico.

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