Britney Spears implicated in ex-maid with ‘dark past’, latest crime to terrify fans

The news that Britney Spears in recent days is close to a former male employee has been noticed by many people.

Worth mentioning, this person in the past has been convicted many times with many different crimes, making everyone worried about the singer.

Pop star Britney is said to be spending time hanging out with a former maid, who has been involved in various crimes.

Sources told Page Six that Paul Richard Soliz, 37, was hired by Britney for a year to clean toilets, mop floors and collect trash. He no longer works for Britney, but according to sources, the singer recently enjoyed hanging out with Paul. She is going through difficult days of divorce from actor Sam Asghari.

“I feel worried about her,” the source said, revealing that Paul Richard Soliz has a bad past.

Britney Spears implicated in ex-maid with dark past, latest crime to terrify fans - Photo 1

Page Six investigated information about Paul and learned that he had been involved in multiple crimes. In April 2014, Paul was convicted of disorderly conduct. According to court records, Paul was also charged with child endangerment but was later dismissed due to plea negotiations. In 2016, he stood trial for driving without a license.

Paul’s most recent breach of the law took place last year when he was still working for Britney Spears. Court records state Paul was charged with gun possession in December 2022.

Paul Richard Soliz did not take a call from reporters, and Britney’s representatives declined to comment.

This information reminds many people of the accusation of the singer’s husband not so long ago. Sources revealed actor Sam Asghari told people that Britney Spears had an affair with a male employee at home.

TMZ , citing sources familiar with the matter, said Sam Asghari accused Britney of asking at least one male employee to record a n.ude video of her. Not only that, but Sam believes his wife had an affair with one of the employees who worked at their mansion. This is said to be the final straw that led the 29-year-old actor to file for divorce after days of suffering.

Britney Spears implicated in ex-maid with dark past, latest crime to terrify fans - Photo 2

Britney and her third husband Sam Asghari split in late July after more than a year of marriage. The 41-year-old star said she was shocked and heartbroken when her marriage broke down but was trying to get over it. Britney was seen eating fried chicken at night with a friend and she also revealed playing all night with a group of male friends in a video posted on Instagram.

Sam first spoke out about the breakdown of his marriage to Britney in an Instagram post. The Iranian-born actor said he and Britney will always have love and respect for each other despite their separation.

“After 6 years of love and attachment, my wife and I decided to end our journey together. We will maintain our love and respect for each other. I wish her the best,” Sam wrote.

Sam Asghari, who filed for divorce in court on Aug. 16, said it was caused by “irreconcilable differences.” He asked his wife for divorce support and attorney’s fees. Sam also wanted to discuss some of the property clauses in the prenuptial contract.

Britney Spears implicated in ex-maid with dark past, latest crime to terrify fans - Photo 3

According to Dailymail, Britney was recently escorted by bodyguards into the Hot Chicken restaurant in Oxnard, California late at night. The singer let his hair down, his face almost without makeup. She wore an off-the-shoulder sweater, black shorts and flat-soled sandals. As she walked out of the bar, Britney brought a glass of raspberry lemonade. Her expression was sad, she was tired after she confirmed her separation from her husband and heartbroken over the breakdown of her marriage.

Britney Spears implicated in ex-maid with dark past, latest crime to terrify fans - Photo 4

Since tying the knot in June 2022, Britney and Sam Asghari have been plagued by rumors of romance problems on several occasions, but they both deny it. This past June, the two still shared sweet words on Instagram as they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. They also travel on a tropical island, warming up to love.

Britney Spears implicated in ex-maid with dark past, latest crime to terrify fans - Photo 5

According to sources revealed in Dailymail and TMZ, Sam Asghari recently suspected Britney of infidelity and confronted her, leading to a heated argument between the two. Later, Sam reportedly moved out of Britney’s mansion and lived separately. Another source confirmed on ET, Britney assured that she did not cheat on her husband and said that they broke up because there were many disagreements in their lives, there was no common voice.

Britney Spears implicated in ex-maid with dark past, latest crime to terrify fans - Photo 6

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