Cardi B Welcomes Baby and Continues to Amass Wealth, Securing Her Position as the Second Wealthiest Female Rapper in Hollywood

In recent years, Cardi B has become a prominent name in the US music industry.

As a rapper and hip hop recording artist, she is a celebrity with great influence on television and social networking sites.

Recently, Cardi B posted the first picture of her second baby after giving birth. She also revealed that this baby is a boy and was born on September 4. The moment the female rapper and her husband Offset held their baby quickly collected 5 million likes after just 1 hour of downloading. The male rapper also shared a picture of him holding his son in the hospital.

Cardi B gave birth also "smells money", worthy of the title of the second richest female rapper in Hollywood - Photo 1

The couple received many congratulations from the online community, but many netizens began to notice the difference in the newly posted photo of Cardi B. Busy packing to give birth to the point of not being able to remove her nails, but the mother still had to bring a Louis Vuitton blanket to bear. It is known that this branded blanket costs 1 thousand Euros (more than 27 million VND). Cardi B also showed off her glittering luxurious nails that made people stunned: “Giving birth to a baby, you act like you’re going to a party!”.

Before that, when she was pregnant, Cardi was also very busy shopping, doing her nails and showing off “smelly money” photos. Even fans are worried about the baby in the female rapper’s belly because she is always in a state of “unwind” even though her belly is so big. Cardi B first revealed her pregnancy at the BET Awards event at the end of June. The singer took to the stage with a bodysuit showing off her pregnant belly, performing with the Migos group. The baby is Cardi B’s second child with Offset. In 2018, they welcomed their first daughter – Kulture Kiari. It is known that she married rapper Offset and lived in New York in 2017. In mid-September 2020, Cardi B filed for divorce but made up a few weeks later.

Cardi B gave birth also "smells money", worthy of the title of the second richest female rapper in Hollywood - Photo 2

It is known that not long ago, on social networks, information was spread that Cardi B faced 12 criminal charges and will have to appear in court on September 13. One Twitter account also posted an indictment named Almanzar Belcalis M (Cardi B’s real name) and listed a series of crimes. This rumor made many netizens extremely confused and surprised.

Earlier in 2018, Cardi B led a group of people to a New York bar to get jealous because she thought that the two waitresses had flirted and spent the night with Offset – the rapper’s husband. The WAP hit owner and her team were sued for 12 counts including harassment, conspiracy, assault causing 2 victims to be injured. At that time, Cardi B and his accomplices faced up to four years in prison, but she denied all of the charges.

Currently, the US media has not yet commented on the fact that Cardi B has to appear in court again on September 13. Therefore, the indictment posted by the above Twitter account is baseless information and has not been confirmed. After 2 years, many netizens couldn’t help but wonder why the jealousy case of “big sister” Cardi B was suddenly “digged”.

In 2019, when the female rapper had to go to court, her fans also opened the ” Free Cardi” movement and said that Cardi B was not wrong when she “replaced heaven to practice religion”, handling “small children”. tam”. Offset’s wife also made MXH wave when she went to court but dressed up like… on the red carpet.

Talking about Cardi B’s life story, it can be said that in just too short a time, her fame has skyrocketed, comparable to Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift. Cardi’s name is mentioned with the same admiration as her own young idols such as Madonna or Beyonce. Before that bright period, the life of a girl from Trinidad and Dominican Republic was a blur, even a gray period. Cardi B’s adolescence and youth were a “violent childhood”. She joined the gang, lived promiscuously in the Bronx, sometimes had to sit at a cashier at a grocery store with a salary of 250 USD / week.

From her passion for music and dance floor, to the reality show VH1 Love & Hip Hop: New York, Cardi B started making her own “fairy” swinging a magic wand for her life when she experimented with her own mixes. first hand. Soon, the magic wand effect turned everything of Cardi into gold, jewels, and jewels like the life of the mythical Cinderella. The single Bodak Yellow was released and immediately topped the charts. The hit is also historic, because since Lauryn Hill’s 1998 single (That Thing), Bodak Yellow has made Cardi the first female solo rapper to have a number one hit, and the fifth female rapper in history. history of albums topping the charts. Then just one more album, Invasion of Privacy, the “makeover” of Cinderella – the princess of Cardi B was completed spectacularly. To date, this is still considered the best debut album by a female rapper since the 1996 production of Hard Core by legendary female rapper Lil’ Kim. In 2019, Cardi B was the youngest person in the list of 20 number one “bloody” names, her hand was lifted with a Grammy gold trumpet, reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the MV reached 1 billion views on YouTube and brought it home. 5 nominations at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Cardi B gave birth also "smells money", worthy of the title of the second richest female rapper in Hollywood - Photo 3