Chic Parisian Encounter: Angelina Jolie Looks Stunning in a Maxi Dress as She Reunites with Her Godmother Jacqueline Bisset After Years Apart.

Angelina Jolie, who has been busy filming her upcoming action flick Those Who Wish Me Dead, recently took some time off from work. She was seen in Paris with her godmother, Jacqueline Bisset, who is 74 years old. The two ladies looked stunning while they walked around the city. Angelina wore an exquisite white gown with striped designs, while Jacqueline looked elegant in a red blazer and a striped top. Interestingly, Jacqueline mentioned that she rarely gets to meet up with Angelina.

A vision: Angelina Jolie, 44, took a break from set as she emerged in Paris alongside her godmother Jacqueline Bisset, 74, while putting on a glam display on Tuesday

Angelina Jolie was seen in Paris with her godmother Jacqueline Bisset while taking a break from filming. The actress looked gorgeous in a white dress with stripe patterns and styled her hair in bouncy waves, paired with designer sunglasses. On the other hand, Jacqueline appeared effortlessly chic in white jeans, a breton striped top, and a well-fitted red blazer. It’s worth noting that Jacqueline had previously stated that she doesn’t often see Angelina, but like many others, she remains intrigued by her life.

Hair-raising: She wore her tresses in bouncy waves which tumbled past her shoulders while shielding her face from the bright sun with designer sunglasses

Exciting: The woman’s vibrant curls flowed down her back as she walked, bouncing with each stride. She wore trendy designer sunglasses to shield her eyes from the bright sun.

Here come the girls! The elegant ladies oozed style and sophistication

Be prepared, as here come the women! These elegant ladies radiate a sense of sophistication and trendy style.

Stunner: She looked sensational as she emerged in the elegant gown

As she emerged in a chic outfit, the view was simply mesmerizing, leaving everyone in the vicinity awestruck by her graceful demeanor.

Here come the girls! The ladies were out in glamorous force during the Parisian outing

Watch out, because the ladies are on a night out! The group of women were dressed to the nines and absolutely stunning while exploring Paris.

Hey there! She was greeting her fans with a winning smile and an ingratiating wave

Greetings! She welcomed her audience with a delightful smile and a warm gesture.

Here come the girls! Jacqueline looked elegant as she nailed Parisian chic in white jeans, a breton striped top and a perfectly tailored red blazer

Take a look at these stunning women! Jacqueline looked elegant in her chic Parisian-inspired attire, which featured white denim trousers, a classic breton striped top, and a perfectly tailored red blazer.

Back in the day: Jacqueline found global stardom in classic hits The Detective, Bullitt and The Sweet Ride

Previously, Jacqueline was a highly acclaimed actress due to her memorable performances in blockbuster movies such as The Detective, Bullitt, and The Sweet Ride. The upcoming film, which is a sequel to the 2014 Sleeping Beauty adaptation, focuses on the powerful sorceress Maleficent as she protects her adopted daughter Aurora (played by Elle Fanning) and their magical realm. Disney has stated that despite the initial pain, revenge, and eventual love that united them, Maleficent and Aurora have developed an unbreakable bond over time. However, the tensions between humans and enchanted beings are still prevalent.

A helping hand: They were flanked by security while making their way through

As they strolled along, a team of security personnel encircled them and guided them.

Ready to go: Angelina's sighting comes as fans gear up to see her return to the screen once more in highly-anticipated Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Angelina Jolie has been seen in public, adding to the anticipation of her fans who are eagerly awaiting her comeback in the upcoming film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Hello! She was greeting her adoring fans as she stepped out in the French capital

Hello! When she reached Paris, she received a warm welcome from her excited fans.

Glamming it up in style: The ladies were enjoying the bright sunshine in their elegant gowns

Radiating elegance and charm, the ladies were soaking up the warm rays of the sun while flaunting their chic attire.