Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this!

The online community was surprised to hear that Chloe Bailey admitted to having special feelings for the famous group BTS. Many people think that this is a good sign for the 7 boys from the land of kimchi.

One thing cannot be denied, music in this era has blurred all cultural and geographical boundaries. No matter how close or far the distance is, or how different regional cultures are, it cannot stop artists from all over the world from expressing their admiration for each other.

Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this! - Photo 1

The proof is that recently, Tien Phong page reported that Chloe Bailey – half of the dynamic R&B duo actively admitted that she admires the group BTS. Specifically, the female singer said in an interview with MTV Music UK: “I love BTS so much. Butter is really great. I like the way they perform. Each of them is a performing artist.” They really give their heart and soul on stage.”

Thereby, it can be seen that the multi-talented female artist’s sharing is not just simple praise but also shows a deep appreciation for the artistry and commitment that BTS brings to their career. The opinion of Chloe – a successful artist – emphasized that the global appeal that the 7 Big Hit boys possess has surpassed regional music preferences. Her compliments also made fans emotional.

Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this! - Photo 2

Because BTS’s global influence is undeniable, but all recognition from established Western artists contributes to affirming their widespread influence on world music. .

In particular, Chloe’s sincere sharing further emphasizes that BTS’s music resonates not only with international fans but also with famous singers and musicians regardless of where they come from. At the same time, it also highlights the level of connection of the global music scene, where artists defy differences in background and genre. Now, they have found common ground in their passion and love for music and public performance.

Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this! - Photo 3

It is known that in recent years, the interference between Eastern and Western music has become stronger. This creates many unique works, giving fans rich musical melodies and performance styles.

Chloe’s confession about BTS’s talent and contributions to world music raises the possibility of an interesting collaboration between them in the future. This is a scenario that fans of both houses always want to see.

Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this! - Photo 4

Chloe is 25 years old this year and is one of America’s quite special female artists. Because she has been pursuing a vegetarian diet for more than 10 years, something not everyone can do. Because in reality, dishes made from meat and fish have an appeal that is hard to refuse.

In August this year, the multi-talented female artist surprised people because she burst into tears when she encountered an incident of eating the wrong meat dish at an event. Accordingly, the incident happened at a hotel where she and her sister – The Little Mermaid actress Halle Bailey, stayed together.

Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this! - Photo 5

At that time, Chloe and her sister ate a sandwich at the banquet table. It is worth mentioning that during the process of preparing the dish, the waiter made a bit of a mistake. Instead of giving vegetarian cakes, they mistakenly gave cakes containing meat to the two sisters. The female singer was very shocked and burst into tears in the clip sharing her story with the online community.

Both Chloe and Halle have been vegetarians for more than a decade and they are always open about their choice to be vegetarian. That’s why when she encountered the above incident, she immediately told her fans.

Chloe said that when she ate the first piece of cake, she realized she was mistakenly served a cake with meat. Before that, Halle ate the entire cake deliciously because she found it “strange”. After her sister discovered the mistake, Halle felt normal, then laughed because Chloe was crying.

Sharing the reason for sobbing, Chloe said she was shocked because she accidentally ate a piece of meat after 10 years of being an absolute vegetarian. Understanding the female singer’s sadness, many netizens responded with sympathy, especially those who are also pursuing a vegetarian diet.

Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this! - Photo 6

“If you have spent 10 years pursuing something and then someone else’s negligence causes your achievement to be affected, it is a very difficult feeling to describe, I sympathize with Chloe’s reaction. “, one account wrote.

“I am a vegetarian and ordering vegetarian food in restaurants is very difficult. Many times, the waiter is not really paying attention, confusion occurs, causing a great psychological impact on people. pursuing a vegetarian diet. In addition, mistakes that cause vegans to mistakenly eat meat can also cause them to have stomach pain,” another online user expressed.

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