“If you walk past a theatre, you won’t know if the screams are coming from ‘Saw’, ‘Exorcist’ or Taylor Swift”

Taylor Swift already had the world swinging around her with her supposed romance with Travis Kelce. And now, the world is witnessing a historic moment being created with the Eras Tour movie being released. The Grammy Award-winning artist has already broken records before her upcoming movie even hit theaters. October 13 is the day when all the movie theaters in the world will be singing the American pop queen’s songs.

Before that happens, no one can keep their calm, including the non-Swifties as well. Looking at the hype around the upcoming film, Jimmy Fallon made a stirring comment about it.

With her Eras Tour, the sensational artist already shook the world, and the Swifties proved their unwavering faith in their idol. Now, just a week before the film’s release, they helped Taylor Swift make history at the Box Office as well. Amidst all the frantic atmosphere, Jimmy Fallon said, “If you walk past a theatre, you won’t know if the screams are coming from ‘Saw’, ‘Exorcist’ or Taylor Swift”

Notably, around the same time as Eras Tour film release, there will be other films as well. Referring to those films, Fallon acknowledged the craze around the Taylor Swift film. The influence of the ‘Wildest Dreams’ singer is not limited to the music world or television talks only. The only reason is that Swift is not only a brilliant singer, but she is also a phenomenon.

The University of Melbourne is even going to host an academic conference on the “Swift” phenomenon. So, it does not come as a surprise to what Jimmy Fallon said. Since the singer is highly esteemed and influential, getting a worldwide shout-out from fans is a truly momentous occasion.

Moreover, recently, when fans saw their favorite singer Travis Kelce, they shouted so loud that it even shook everything around them, literally.

The Blank Space singer even shook the world in a literal sense

One of the most talked-about topics is the singer’s public appearances with the NFL star player, Travis Kelce. When fans spotted them together at the Universal Studios, they shouted and cheered them with the highest capacity of their lungs. As a result, a cart fell down the escalator while fans kept on shouting.

Fans unleashed all their love and showered them on the ‘Love Story’ singer. After looking at this clip, fans are ‘shaking it off’ like never before. So, it is only a matter of time how many incredible things they can show! With Taylor Swift’s magic and fans’ madness, they all created a heaven on earth before the release of Eras Tour.

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