Kim Kardashian defies haters as she totes giant ‘$250K’ crocodile Birkin bag in NYC after fans slam her as ‘wasteful’

KIM Kardashian has continued to flaunt her expensive Birkin bag after fan backlash.

The Hulu star was spotted out and about in New York City on Thursday night.

Kim Kardashian defies haters as she continued to flaunt massive '$250k' Birkin bag

Kim Kardashian defies haters as she continued to flaunt massive ‘$250k’ Birkin bagCredit:

The star was spotted carrying the bag once again on Thursday night

The star was spotted carrying the bag once again on Thursday nightCredit:

Kim was first spotted with the bag earlier this week in New York City

Kim was first spotted with the bag earlier this week in New York CityCredit:
Kim, 43, held her massive grey Hermes bag – worth an estimated $250k – in her glove-covered hand.

In the other, the TV personality held onto an American Horror Story script.

To keep herself warm in the cold New York weather, the Skims founder wore a matching burgundy sweatsuit including a hoodie and wide-legged sweatpants.

Over top, the beauty mogul wore a long fur coat.

To shield her eyes from the paparazzi, Kim wore a pair of skinny sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Kim had her long black hair tied tightly into a ponytail.

The famous Kardashian was also spotted with the same crocodile Birkin bag earlier this week – and fans had a lot to say.

On Wednesday, Kim was photographed in a black hoodie, matching joggers, and a large gray fur jacket on top.

She walked into a building holding her “gargantuan” bag.

One fan shared the pics of the Skims founder on a popular Kardashian forum – and commenters didn’t hold back their strong opinions.

One user wrote: “She’s brought a ludicrously capacious bag. What’s even in there, huh? Flat shoes for the subway? Her lunch pail? I mean, it’s monstrous. It’s gargantuan.”

“Ughhh that Hermes probably costs more than my house,” a second pointed out.

A third user was left shocked: “That’s the biggest Birkin I’ve ever seen.”

A fourth questioned: “Why is this bag so big? what’s in there? How heavy is it ? I need to know!!”

“That’s a whole crocodile,” someone else revealed.

A sixth Kardashian fan joked: “This b***h is RICH.”

In September, Kim returned to acting as she starred in American Horror Story: Delicate.

In a new behind-the-scenes look, fans believe Kim exposed key plot details of the new episodes.

The reality star was filmed for The Kardashians as cameras rolled behind the scenes of the popular FX horror series.

In between takes, the TV personality addressed the “long hours” of filming and the differences between reality and scripted acting.

Kim explained that each episode of AHS had a “new director”, “new energy,” and “different pace” and that she was having trouble “keeping up.”

“Day three is definitely more challenging. I knew it was going to be a lot of work but it’s definitely more work than I anticipated,” she revealed.

“We have six hours left. I just have so many scenes and I had a lot of dialogue,” the A-list celeb claimed.

Footage showed Kim acting alongside actress Emma Roberts, 32, who she kissed and hugged while standing on a beach in New York.

In the scene, the star then walked away chatting on her cell phone in a never-before-seen sneak peek into the upcoming AHS episodes.

However, fans were appalled by the clip, as many speculated that production would not be pleased that the SKKN founder was leaking key plot points on her reality show.

“I wonder how annoyed the producers of AHS are with Kim for blowing up some of the plot to that show?” one wrote on an internet forum.

“The second half debuts after XMAS and they deffo gave away some details they should not have,” they remarked.

Fans slammed the star for her over-the-top accessory, calling it 'ludicrous'

Fans slammed the star for her over-the-top accessory, calling it ‘ludicrous’Credit: INSTAGRAM

One fan wrote: 'That's a whole crocodile'

One fan wrote: ‘That’s a whole crocodile’Credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

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