Madonna post-health incident: “I didn’t think I could be alive”

Madonna was surprised and grateful to be able to continue living after a serious bacterial infection led to an emergency.

Post-Health Madonna: I Don't Think I Can Be Alive - Photo 1.

(Image: Kevin Mazur/WireImage cho Live Nation)

On the opening night of her Celebration tour, Madonna recalled the incident when she was hospitalized with a serious infection earlier this year. Accordingly, the “Queen of Pop” admitted that she thought she could not survive the incident.

“I didn’t think I could be alive,” Madonna said on stage, “I forgot about 5 days of my life or death. I really don’t know where I was.”

The 65-year-old singer later credited her children as motivation to help her find the strength to continue battling her illness. “When my children were there, they really saved me. I need to be there for my children, I have to survive for them,” Madonna continued.

Before being hospitalized, the singer reportedly worked 12 hours a day in preparation for the epic tour. Just before the emergency, Madonna fell into an unresponsive state, which is why she claimed to have “forgotten 5 days of her life”.

At the moment, Madonna has recovered her health and is ready to dedicate herself to her fans during concerts as part of the Celebration tour.