“Mesmerizing Moments: Angelina Jolie’s Graceful Balcony Waves and Playful Kisses in The Tourist”

Gazing out from a balcony in one of the most enchanting destinations on earth, Angelina Jolie was a vision of loveliness in a sophisticated dress while filming her latest movie. Her portrayal of an astute interpol officer was akin to a character in a Shakespearean drama, and the setting itself was breathtaking – a grand, historic building with a view that overlooked the Palazzo Pisani-Moretta and the iconic Grand Canal in Venice.

angelina jolie waving balcony venice the tourist 012431506

Taking inspiration from the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet in nearby Verona, Jolie filmed a scene for her upcoming movie The Tourist. Co-star Johnny Depp was present in the background while Jolie blew a kiss and waved to the crew. On the previous day, Depp had his moment on the balcony, smouldering for the camera. The movie’s plot revolves around Jolie’s character, an interpol agent who enlists the help of a heartbroken American tourist (played by Depp) to capture a criminal with whom she had an affair in the past. Directed by Oscar-winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, this highly-anticipated romantic thriller boasts two of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

angelina jolie waving balcony venice the tourist 012431506

angelina jolie waving balcony venice the tourist 012431506

angelina jolie waving balcony venice the tourist 012431506

angelina jolie waving balcony venice the tourist 012431506

angelina jolie waving balcony venice the tourist 012431506

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