The flirty comment Taylor Swift made about Travis Kelce after the Chiefs’ win revealed

Taylor Swift was caught on camera making a flirty comment about the tight end after watching the Kansas City Chiefs beat the New York Jets Sunday night.

“Look at him,” the singer, 33, could be seen saying to pal Blake Lively in the stands.

The Grammy winner, who was rocking a red lip, a black long-sleeve shirt, bedazzled Daisy Dukes and high-heeled boots, leaned in to imitate how Kelce celebrated by hitting his teammates post-win.

One of her playful punches accidentally connected with her friend Ashley Avignone’s forehead.

Lively, 36, giggled in response.

Taylor Swift made a flirty comment about Travis Kelce at the Kansas City Chiefs game.


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Social media users gushed about the quick clip over the weekend.

“She is smitten as a kitten    ,” one fan wrote via Instagram, while another added, “She literally can’t believe she’s with the hottest athlete.”

Others fangirled over Swift’s friendship with the “Gossip Girl” alum, with one joking, “Spotted… Serena Van Der Woodson and Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game …xoxo.”

The singer told her A-list pal to “look at him.”

Getty Images

The “smitten” Grammy winner also imitated his punches.

Corey Sipkin for New York Post

The duo’s excited reactions were caught on camera.

Corey Sipkin for New York Post

Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, was also present in the suite at the MetLife Stadium game, as well as Sophie Turner, Sabrina Carpenter and more of Swift’s buds.

The songwriter even spent some time with Kelce’s teammate Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes.

The 28-year-old joined Swift and her friends for a night out on Saturday, with the group dining at Emilio’s Ballato in Soho.

Kelce’s team beat the New York Jets 23 to 20.

Getty Images

While Kelce, 33, was not present at the time — eating at Meduza Mediterrania in the Meatpacking district instead — he was spotted leaving Swift’s NYC apartment the following morning in an “I’m not doing s—t today” tee.

Kelce and the American Music Award winner left Sunday’s game separately.

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