Tom Cruise left it all alone: reuniting with Katie Holmes and her daughter after 10 years?

After more than 1 decade without seeing his children, recently, actor Tom Cruise is rumored to be showing signs of returning, reuniting with his daughter. It is known that Suri Cruise is currently 17 years old, living peacefully with her mother and preparing to enter showbiz.

Little Suri Cruise (17 years old) is the crystallization of the five-year marriage of Hollywood celebrity couple – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri Cruise is likened to a “real-life princess” when she is extremely pampered by her superstar parents. At that time, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also did not hesitate to show off their daughter in front of the media. The pictures of happy little families together were shared, making the public admire.

Tom Cruise left it all alone: reuniting with Katie Holmes and her daughter after 10 years? - Photo 1

However, the “fairytale” love affair quickly faded. It is known that after Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced, the actor has not seen his daughter for the past 10 years. The actor’s decision is said to be influenced by the cult of Scientology – this sect does not allow believers to meet non-believers.

However, so far, many rumors have suggested that it is likely that Tom Cruise will soon reunite with his daughter, because a series of evidence appears: the actor has turned his back on the cult. The Mirror confirms: Tom Cruise has not visited any of Scientology’s headquarters in the past 3 years.

According to many other sources, the actor often spends time resting at the manor, flying helicopters around England instead of being active with this cult as before.

Tom Cruise left it all alone: reuniting with Katie Holmes and her daughter after 10 years? - Photo 2

Although Tom Cruise has not spoken officially, many people believe that his actions are the most accurate answer. It is known that rumors of the actor born in 1962 quitting the cult after 40 years of participation have also surfaced since 2021.

Director Alex Gibney, who specializes in investigating illegal activities of Scientology, 2 years ago also commented that Tom Cruise is no longer an ambassador of this cult. This raised hopes that Tom Cruise could resume his relationship with his daughter Suri after 1 decade of not seeing him.

After the divorce, Katie Holmes raised her daughter alone, helping Suri enjoy a normal life like her peers. At the age of 17, Tom Cruise’s daughter possesses a beautiful beauty and outstanding physique – becoming the focus of every appearance.

Tom Cruise left it all alone: reuniting with Katie Holmes and her daughter after 10 years? - Photo 3

Not long ago, Hello Magazine reported that actress Katie Holmes has paved the way for her daughter – Suri Cruise to enter showbiz – to follow in the footsteps of herself and her ex-husband.

It is known that Suri Cruise was invited to participate in her mother’s film project Alone Together as a singer performing the song Blue Moon – opening the credits of the work from last year.

Suri’s clear, flexible voice was praised by international media as “winged”. Proudly speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment, Katie was full of praise for her daughter: ” She’s very, very talented. She accepted and recorded, and I let her do whatever she wanted. That’s how I navigate things. It’s kind of putting out the way everybody wants and letting them do their part. I always wanted to aim for the perfect level of talent, so I asked her.”

Tom Cruise left it all alone: reuniting with Katie Holmes and her daughter after 10 years? - Photo 4

Suri Cruise inherited her full beauty from both parents; Every time she appeared, she shone like a star. Therefore, the audience wants Suri Cruise to follow in the footsteps of Tom – Katie, entering the entertainment industry.

Currently, Suri Cruise still lives happily with her mother, but viewers are still curious about how her relationship with powerful father Tom Cruise is after 10 years since the last time the father and son appeared together. According to Us Weekly, the court allowed Tom Cruise to see his daughter for at most 10 days a month. However, this actor has repeatedly refused to see his children.

Tom Cruise left it all alone: reuniting with Katie Holmes and her daughter after 10 years? - Photo 5

2013 was the last time Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise met. It is known that Tom was forbidden to see his daughter because Suri did not belong to the cult this actor joined. A former member of the cult told Us Weekly in 2019: ” Maybe he just took pictures to act like he was still meeting Suri, all to avoid the wave of criticism.” However, Tom himself insists that even though he does not see Suri, he calls her every day.

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