Are the Migos related? Quavo song about Saweetie sparks Offset debate

Migos’ Quavo and Takeoff recently teased their latest track Messy from the duo’s upcoming joint album Only Built For Infinity Links. As the two shared a snippet from their 18-track album, netizens began deducing that the teaser of Messy was apparently referring to Offset’s relationship with Quavo’s ex-girlfriend, rapper Saweetie.

This comes after the Icy Girl singer’s appearance on Yung Miami’s podcast, Caresha Please. While referring to Saweetie’s interview in the podcast episode, Quavo sang:

“I said, “Caresha please” ’cause she too messy/ B***h f**k my dawg behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’/ You wanted the gang, you shoulda just said it, we would have blessed it/ Now shit got messy.”

While Migos did not explicitly mention Saweetie in the song, netizens seem assured that the song is about the 29-year old rapper’s extramarital affair with Offset.

As Quavo and Takeoff continue to seemingly diss her on their latest album, rumours of Saweetie’s relationship with Migos member Offset continue to find themselves online. As the allegations of the affair took over social media, Offset’s wife, rapper Cardi B took to social media to clap back at the accusations.

According to Hot News Hip Hop, Cardi told a fan in a tweet:

“No baby you lying! You makin crazy lies starting s**t and putting female rappers in it WIT NO RECEIPTS, no blog ever spoke on this all of a sudden you come out of jail 5 days ago and you made up lied for 2 hours wit NO RECEIPTS!”

Netizens react to Quavo and Takeoff’s diss in latest track Messy

Although the song does not explicitly mention Saweetie or Offset, many have concluded that the song is about the rappers, with many of them expressing concern over the Migos members’ relationship.

A few of the tweets online read:

At the time of writing this article, neither parties involved have commented anything related to the track Messy.

More to know about the Migos

As Quavo and Takeoff continue to trend on social media for their upcoming album, many have expressed concern over their relationship with fellow group member Offset. An official statement regarding his departure from the group has not yet been released.

However in an interview, Quavo and Takeoff expressed:

“We want to see our career as a duo. Because we came from a loyal family thats supposed to work together. And sometime when sh**t don’t work out, its not meant to be.”

The Georgia-native group was formed in 2008, with Quavious Keyate Marshall, Kirshnik Khari Ball and Kiari Kendrell Cephus taking on the stage names Quavo, Takeoff and Offset respectively.

The trio is related, with Quavo being Takeoff’s uncle and Offset being Quavo’s cousin. According to Yen, the trio grew up together and were raised by Quavo’s mother, Edna Marshall.

Although the trio came into existence in 2008, they did not go under the name “Migos” until 2010. Initially, they started off as “Polo Club”. Their debut album, Juug Season, was released in August 2011.

Rumors of the group’s breakup started circulating soon after Offset performed solo on The Tonight Show in September 2022. Following his performance, Quavo and Takeoff announced that the duo were releasing their own album, Only Built For Infinity Links.

The duo also released their single Big Stunna on August 26, the same day as Offset’s release of Code.

This timeline of the events left netizens speculating about their breakup.

Adding fuel to the fire, Offset was in a feud with Migos’ label Quality Control after he filed a lawsuit against the label as “he negotiated his solo deal and paid handsomely” for rights over his music.

The trio also canceled their June 2022 Governor’s Ball performance.

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