Beyonce Furious With Rihanna: New Song A Diss Track?

Is there a feud between Rihanna and Beyonce? A new report claims that RiRi’s hot new song is totally a diss to the Queen B. Beyonce, 33, might have to keep an eye out for Rihanna, 27. The longtime friend of Bey’s husband, Jay-Z, has reportedly released a brand-new diss track against Blue Ivy Carter’s mom. Yikes, why would she do something like that?

That Rihanna Beyoncé Diss Definitely Did Not Happen | Teen Vogue

Beyonce & Rihanna Feud: New Song Is A Diss Track

Um, when did this happen?

Rihanna’s new song, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” is allegedly all about Beyonce, reports MediaTakeOut. If you’re jaw isn’t on the floor, it should be.

The report claims that Beyonce heard the song and instantly knew it was about her. It also claims that Rihanna is in the middle of re-negotiating her contract with RocNation, Jay-Z’s record label, and that the song is all about how she knows what she deserves financially. Ouch.

The feud allegedly began a long time ago, because Beyonce believes that Rihanna and Jay once had an inappropriate relationship, reads the report. Whoa, bombshell!

Did Jay-Z Borrow Rihanna’s Car?
While the MTO report claims they are 100% positive that “BBHMM” is about Beyonce, they don’t have any actual proof other than hearsay from their own sources.

One source claims that when Beyonce and Jay-Z moved to Los Angeles, he borrowed Rihanna’s brand-new Porsche Turbo while waiting for his own car to be delivered. Why is this relevant to the rumors there is a feud with Rihanna and Bey?

Well, in Rihanna’s new song there is a lyric that says, “shit, your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car.” And, well, a Porsche is a foreign car, isn’t it? Hmm.

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