Cardi B Breaks Down Why She Doesn’t Rap About Personal Pain In Her Music

Cardi B on why she doesn’t rapper about her personal pain and struggles: “I feel like the masses might not be able to relate”

Cardi B

Cardi B / YouTube

Cardi B has revealed her reason behind not putting her “pain and struggle” in her music.

Cardi B’s recent appearance on Hot Ones saw her come under pressure from some very spicy sauces while being interviewed. However, she managed to answer everything and get through all the spice levels without tapping out – something she said would make her fans happy. Cardi spoke openly about topics from children’s books and role models to aliens and war.

When the Bronx rap star was asked a question in reference to her intro for her freshman album Invasion of Privacy, she revealed much more. In the 3-minute and 51-second track titled “Get Up 10,” Cardi spoke freely, quickly running through topics like her previous career as a stripper, betrayal, hate, the come-up, and things of that nature. In the interview, the rapper took the opportunity to explain why she doesn’t do more songs talking about the bad and the ugly. Turns out Cardi B is keeping her ear close to the ground.

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According to the “WAP” hitmaker, the average person cannot relate to the ‘struggles’ that she actively faces, and she just wants to have fun with her music.

“A lot of people tell me I should put my pain, my struggle, in my music,” Cardi began. “A lot of my pains and struggles or whatever – I feel like the masses might not be able to relate.”

In her own words, the rapper explained that her reluctance stems from the juxtaposition between her issues and most people in the world. Cardi believes fans will think her problems are frivolous compared to theirs. Using Twitter bullies as an example of something she commonly faces, the rapper pointed out the futility in lamenting it musically.

She continued: “It’s like ‘Oh my God, they’re tearing me a new one on Twitter because I said this’…The average person is like, ‘Girl, shut up! I got work at 7 in the morning. I gotta do this, this and that. I like to make my intro addressing all the bullsh*t, addressing all the b***es, and the sh*t I gotta go through and then the whole album just be about fun.”

“Because I like fun. I feel like the intro should be me poppin’ my sh*t and then pop some puss,” she added. Addressing her haters and the issues she struggles with in real life is not what Cardi B wants her music to be about. While we have heard the rapper’s wicked tongue on the track before, the diss-track-style rap music is unlikely to ever be the theme of any upcoming albums.

Cardi B has promised a collection of fun for her untitled new project. Fans are certainly looking forward to the rapper’s sophomore effort, which has been delayed a few times before due to her self-proclaimed perfectionism. Granted, it is expected that all artists will have that meticulous element, especially ones of her stature. Cardi’s most recent single, “Bongos,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, is already closing in on 20 million views on YouTube as the colorful big-ticket visuals set the tone for what’s to come.

Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion revealed plans for a joint EP with Cardi B. The “Savage” hitmaker recently told Complex that she has already recorded two songs for the Bronx bombshell.