Cardi B Is Reportedly Threatening To Sue X User Who Shared Fake AI-Generated Information Of Offset

Cardi B has reportedly threatened to sue an X – formerly known as Twitter – user who shared fake AI-generated imagery and voice notes of Offset having an affair.

Cardi B

What Happened?

On Sunday, an X user, @ayywalker, shared what was allegedly evidence that Offset had cheated on Cardi B.

The post featured a supposed photo of Offset and a voice memo of a man trying to set up a meeting with a woman.

The user captioned the post, saying, “Offset has allegedly cheated on Cardi B once again. How embarrassing.”

Cardi then addressed the claims on Twitter in a now-deleted voice note, stating the user will receive a letter from Offset’s lawyer.

“Because all these little games that you guys want to play online – it’s going to be over with,” she said.

“You’re going to be getting sued, and we’re going to make an example out of you. Yeah, and that was a terrible AI voice, by the way.”

The Dangers Of AI

There have been many concerns with AI, privacy and copyright infringement.

Earlier this year, a Discord user leaked unreleased Frank Ocean tracks, AI-generated fakes on Discord.

A scammer commissioned a musician to create approximately nine fake tracks using a model that utilized high-quality vocal snippets of Ocean’s voice.

Eventually, the scammer was identified and banned from the Discord platform. Still, the incident significantly damaged the credibility of the server and created a sense of distrust toward unverified sellers within the community.

Additionally, several authors, such as Mona Awad, filed lawsuits against OpenAI for unlawfully “ingesting” their books.

The authors claim OpenAI breached copyright law by training ChatGPT on their novels without permission.

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