Cardi B is threatening to take legal action against a Twitter user who’s been spreading claims that Offset cheated behind his wife’s back!!!

On Monday evening, Cardi reacted viciously to a video posted Sunday by Twitter user @ayywalker — who, by all accounts appears to be dedicated to Nicki Minaj.Cardi B Threatens to Sue Twitter User for Claiming Offset Cheated

Cardi scolded the fan for posting clearly fake images and AI audio of Offset, but also claimed to have the fan’s father’s personal information … and planned on following through with legal action in order to make an example out of them!!!

ayywalker cardi b tweets

The @ayywalker’s post featured a purported photo of Offset, along with a fake voice memo attempting to set up a sneaky link with a woman behind Cardi’s back.

They included the caption, “Offset has allegedly cheated on Cardi B once again. How embarrassing” … effectively getting Cardi’s attention, who only found humor in the potential lawsuit she was filing.

There’s precedent for Cardi filing this kind of lawsuit, especially because @ayywalker’s defense for making the claim is “the streets” are saying it’s true. Someone should tell them that’s exactly how Tasha K got slapped with a $4 million judgment.

Cardi’s not messing around with internet trolls!!!

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