Cardi B Says This Act Of Offset Turns Her On But Not H*rny, Can You Guess?

Cardi B is a channel of entertainment in herself. The WAP singer time and again comes up with some content that leaves fans in splits. Recently, her n*de picture went viral when she accidentally posted it on Instagram. What’s more interesting is now her revelation of this gesture of Offset that turns her on. Read on for all the scoop.

To begin with, it just does not restrict to the specific act but also the details of it. Yes, you heard that right! That’s exactly what is Cardi for fans. The singer took to Twitter to make the major revelation.

Cardi B says that Offset turns her on everytime he gets her food. It doesn’t get her h*rny but she begins smiling really wide. The WAP singer wrote, “It really turns me on when babe brings me food. Not like literally get me horny type shit but makes me smile real hard. Specially when he get me my Starbucks”

In another tweet, Cardi B described the type of foods Offset brings and her feelings associated. “When he gets me crab legs it’s more of a HAAAAANNN !!!thanks babe type of vibe, but when he gets me coffee it’s more of a AWWWWW babyyyyy type of vibe cause I know he hates coffee and will never step in a Starbucks unless it’s for me,” she wrote in another tweet.

The rapper won’t stop there. In another tweet, she took a dig at all the social media users. Cardi wrote, “What makes me happy-money,free stuff,clothes,Asmr,fashion and food What makes the internet happy- A girl getting hurt by their nikka.”

Check out all the tweets below:

Meanwhile, Cardi B had filed for divorce from Offset earlier this year and left all the fans baffled. However, they were spotted together enjoying the rapper’s birthday. The Taki Taki singer later announced that they were back together.