Cardi B Twerks In A Bathtub While Wearing Nothing But A Bikini Bottom: Watch

To promote her latest song “Point Me 2,” Cardi B took to Instagram on Jul. 8 to share a video montage of her twerking, including one of her with nothing but a thong bikini on!

Nothing says Cardi B like twerking nearly naked in a bathtub! While the rapper took to Instagram to promote her new track “Point Me 2” in collaboration with FendiDa Rappa on Jul. 8, Cardi added a series of videos of her twerking to catch everyone’s attention. One of the clips showed the 30-year-old twerking in a bubble bath while she rocked nothing but a thong bikini bottom. “HE PLAYIN ‘WAP’ , SHE THROWIN CAT IN THE UBER BLACK !!!…… by the way that’s my bedroom,” Cardi captioned the revealing video.

While the mother-of-two twerked in the bubble bath, Cardi was surrounded by pink balloons on the bathroom floor. To add even more sex appeal to the clip, the brunette beauty filmed the bathtub moment surrounded by floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Cardi’s back and thigh tattoos were also on full display as the singer left little to the imagination with her bikini choice. At the start of the clip, Cardi ran near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and twerked in her bathrobe while also carrying her lavish Hermes Birkin bag.

Prior to adding the bathtub clip, Cardi rocked black leggings and a white t-shirt as she twerked around her mansion. The New York City native’s primary suite featured a giant eye-catching chandelier, an extra king-sized bed, and a fuzzy white area rug that nearly took up the whole room. Soon after she shared the twerking videos with her 168 million followers, many of them took to the comments to react to seeing Cardi in the bubble bath.

Cardi B

Cardi B is an award-winning rapper & singer. (Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

“My jaw dropped at the slow twerk in the tub clip,” one admirer gushed, while another added, “don’t think ANYBODY expected the tub part.” A third admirer couldn’t help but praise Cardi for always remaining true to who she is despite the global fame she has achieved. “One thing about Cardi is she been the same way before she was on love and hip hop,” they penned. Later, Cardi’s former collaborator and pal, Normani, couldn’t help but swoon over the post as well. “yahhhhh sis,” the Fifth Harmony alum wrote.

As previously mentioned, Cardi shared the video to promote her new song “Point Me 2” in collaboration with FendiDa Rappa. The two dropped the instant hit on Jul. 7, and the music video along has already generated over 1.6 million views on YouTube. When the “I Like It” hitmaker took to Instagram to share a clip from the music video, many of her fans flocked to the comments to react to the new song. “One thing about Cardi is she write music that everybody will quote for the rest of the year,” one admirer noted, while another quipped, “I love how Cardi use her platform to help other female artist.”

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