Cardi B uses ‘TikTok hack’ to alter her dress on a plane without stylist: ‘Teamwork make the dream work’

Who needs a tailor when you’ve got TikTok?

Cardi B turned to a social media trick when it came to taking in a too-big dress, sharing a video clip on Twitter of herself on a plane as her makeup artist and publicist used a hair tie to ingeniously alter her shiny silver outfit.

The “WAP” singer, 30, wrote, “So my stylist wasn’t on the plane with me so Patience and my makeup artist did this TikTok hack to take my dress in… would you try this??? Teamwork make the dream work!!!”

In the video, Cardi appears to be standing in the bathroom of a private plane, facing the mirror and covering her breasts with her hands as her makeup artist sits behind her and folds down the back of her metallic silver dress.

Cardi B

The back of the silver gown featured a puckered detail after the TikTok trick.Cardi B/Twitter

Cardi B

She wore her hair in bouncy curls.Cardi B/Twitter

Cardi B

She used bee emojis to cover her boobs in the clip.Cardi B/Twitter

The makeup pro makes a knot in the fabric, wrapping a hair elastic around it several times before flipping the material over and having the rapper pull the straps up.

Cardi B — who wears her hair in a voluminous curly style in the clip — turns around to check out the results, exclaiming “Wow!” as she admires her taken-in dress in the mirror.

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The “Bongos” singer then turns to show the final look — and shake her booty in the process— with the fabric now puckered in a ruched detail in the back thanks to the knot on the inside of the dress.

Cardi B's makeup artist

Her makeup artist beamed at the camera as she fixed the dress.Cardi B/Twitter

Cardi B

She wore another silver look to the 2023 VMAs.Getty Images

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B wore a glam green gown for a date night with her husband Offset in September.GC Images

Fans jumped in to praise the “Bodak Yellow” singer on her ingenuity, with one writing, “She did a great job” before posting a second tweet reading, “I’ll definitely try this.”