Cardi B‘s recent threat of s**cide has scared Ed Lover, who has since imparted some words of wisdom on the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

Cardi B’s Suicide Hints ‘Scares’ Ed Lover: ‘Take Your Time & Get Your Mental Right’

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday (October 22), the pioneering radio DJ and former Yo! MTV Raps host posted a recap of the situation from his C’Mon Son! podcast, before offering some comfort for the Hip Hop superstar.

“You mean to tell me you nasty muthafuckin’ little bitches and n-ggas affected Cardi that much, that you make her want to put a bullet in her head?” he said rhetorically. “That scares me. It scares me. Cardi, take your time, and get your mental right.”

Cardi B clashed with a few Twitter trolls early Wednesday morning (October 18), which resulted in her admitting to having s**cidal thoughts.

After one user joked about her being “the only Mexican I know that don’t work hard,” Cardi — whose father is Dominican and mother is a Trinidadian of African and Spanish descent — fired back by writing: “Hope you and ur mom die.”

Another fan chimed in and scolded Cardi for wishing death on others, warning her that karma could “come back on you.”

The Bronx native clapped back with: “IDGAF Fuck y’all … y’all can call me Mexican, bring me down and hurt my feelings talk shit about everything that’s why I don’t release music.”

She then hinted at wanting to end it all by writing: “I just want to put a bullet in my head.”

However, in an Instagram Live story dated Thursday (October 19), the Bronx rapper addressed some concerns that some fans had after she tweeted what appeared to be a thought of s**cidal ideation.

“When I burst, I’m very outspoken,” she told fans. “When I get into one of my bad moments, I will literally curse everybody out, and I’ll be fuckin’ like, ‘I want you to die. Bitch, I wanna die. I don’t give a fuck!’ Because that’s just how I’ll be feeling in the moment.”

She continued: “I was just very overwhelmed yesterday. I was very sad. And, I don’t know — I feel like I was just having such a good week, and then, when I got home, and I started paying attention to so much shit that people were saying about me, and all the funny shit about me … I just started getting upset about it.”

Despite deleting her posts, the mother of two’s tweets still went viral on social media and prompted her sister, Hennessy Carolina, to come to her defense.

“Anybody that dont like my sister can suck [a dick],” she wrote in The Neighborhood Talk‘s Instagram comment section.

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