Chris Brown Called Out by Offset for Joking About 21 Savage, Full-Fledged Beef Erupts

21 Savage being arrested by ICE for overstaying his visa has set off big waves of reaction from artists and fans alike. Many have given their support to the rapper, but there have been a large number of jokes as well.

One person to make light of his immigration arrest was Chris Brown, who shared a video of Savage rapping and added a voice with a British accent. That definitely bothered Offset, who was one of the first artist to show Savage support after his arrest.

Chris Brown and Offset got into a heated back and forth after Chris posted a 21 Savage meme.


“Memes ain’t funny lame,” wrote Offset on Thursday beneath the clip.

Then later that same day, the “Pills & Automobiles” crooner shot back and said he wanted settle things with a brawl.

“F–k you lil boy,” wrote Brown on Instagram. “Better worry about what you got going and focus on ‘You.’ All this cap on IG is whats LAME. YO ENERGY WONT LIKE THAT WHEN I CAME TO THE DRAKE SHOW IN LA. IF U DON’T GET YO HIP A HOP A HIBBET A HIBBET TO THE HIP HIP HOP AND YA DONT STOP THE ROCKING FACEASS OUT MY COMMENTS. SENSITIVE, N—-.”

“CALL ME PERSONALLY,” he also wrote. “U WANT SOME CLOUT WHEN ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS PULL UP. No camera no flexing and all at. IF YOU A REAL MAN FIGHT ME. Oh another thing, suck my d—.”

Brown wasn’t done there either.

“If he don’t get his EARTH WIND AND FIRE pootytang space suits WEARING CAP ASS LIL BOY da f— out my comments and off my d—.”

It didn’t take Offset long to respond, and he did so by saying the singer has a drug problem.

“Coke head don’t want no smoke,” wrote the Migos rhymer.

Although this is the first time they’ve sent direct shots at each other, some might’ve forgotten that Brown and Offset have a history of beef that has to do with the singer’s ex-girlfriend Karrauche Tran. Brown and the actress dated from 2011 to 2015 and broke up when he fathered a child with a woman named Nia Guzman.

After the split, it was rumored that Offset’s Migos partner Quavo started seeing Tran even though he and Brown were friends. Then at the 2017 BET Awards, Brown and Migos’ entourages fought in a parking lot. Plus, in April 2017, a TMZ source said the singer felt betrayed by Quavo for dating his ex.

You can see Brown’s 21 Savage meme below.

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