Inside Demi Rose’s glam Turkey holiday as model strips for hot air balloon show

Instagram model Demi Rose has been spotted on holiday in one of 

Turkey’s most beautiful towns.

The star flaunted her incredible curves in the town which is known for its impressive stone structures and sunrise hot air balloon rides.

Demi has an enormous 20.3million followers who love to praise her curvaceous figure which she shows off in tiny bikinis and sheer clothing.

The 28-year-old flew out to Goreme and posted snaps and videos of her time there two weeks ago.

Goreme is mostly seen on Instagram with hundreds of hot air balloons flying over its dry, desert-like landscape. The beautiful Turkish town is filled with unusual rock sculptures – sometimes likened to penises – in local areas like 

Love Valley


And the model clearly had her followers hearts racing as she showed off her outfits tourist hotspot.

Demi Rose in Goreme

(Image: demirose/Instagram)

In one clip, Demi wore a sheer, floor-length dress with her black thong peeking through the fabric.

She wandered one of the many rooftop cafes and terraces that litter the town offering incredible views.

Demi crushes her hair to one side, revealing the deep cut of her dress around her boobs and gave the camera a cheeky look.

The town’s famous “fairy chimneys” also known as tent rocks, earth pyramids or hoodoos loomed in the background.

In another snap, Demi stripped off even further.

The beautiful brunette wore a skimpy sequin string bikini while standing in a marble bathtub. The basin stood surrounded by a glass fence on a balcony that overlooked the town.

The town’s famous hot air balloons rose through the air as the sun began to rise – meaning Demi must have been out there at around 5am to capture her incredible shots. In a video clip she flipped her hair over her shoulder as the camera panned to the balloons and fairy chimneys.

Demi said: “Welcome to the enchanting land of Cappadocia, a unique destination in Turkey that promises to take you on a journey through surreal landscapes, ancient history, and unforgettable experiences. So of course I had to visit!”

Most of the hotels in the area offer traditional Turkish breakfasts with coffee, amazing apple tea, cheeses, meats, traditional fried foods, vegetables and eggs. Plus many will offer tree taxis to local excursions and evening events from your hotel door.

Love Valley is known for its distinctive fairy chimneys

Love Valley is known for its distinctive fairy chimneys (Image: Getty Images)

It’s a fantastic town to get to know more about Turkish culture and history and there’s lots to do too. We’re sure Demi will have seen plenty of the sights, but if you’re keen to know more here are some of my recommendations.

Love Valley – this famous landscape is one of Capadocia’s most famous. I’m not just being rude when we say that as Love Valley is indeed famous for its penis-like rocks, some of which can reach heights of 40metres.

In fact, thousands of tourists head here every year on horses, camels and quad bikes to take in the views. The alien-like landscape was created over 60million years through volcanic eruptions and erosion.

We’d recommend the hose riding tours for the best views of Love, Red and Pink Valley. Local guides will pop you on a horse and you’ll slowly sidle through the landscape taking breaks at the best viewpoints.

Plus, head out to a Turkish night where you’ll dine on tasty food, watch captivating belly dancers and may even learn a few steps. A green tour will take you from local delicacy stores to an enormous underground cave city and Pigeon Valley for the sunset.

Sunrise in Cappadocia, Turkey, with balloons and typical fairy chimney.

Sunrise in Cappadocia, Turkey, with balloons and typical fairy chimney. (Image: Getty Images)

Meanwhile adrenaline junkies can blast their way around the countryside on speedy quad bikes. Those who want to relax can enjoy a massage at the many hammams in Goreme.

Find the open air kebab shop in the top of the town centre – it doesn’t have an online presence – for extremely cheap kebabs (we’re talking less than a quid). Or, go to Kale Terrasse for delicious Turkish spreads, flatbreads and there are even cats who snuggle under the fireplace (and maybe on your feet).

Goreme is a magical hotspot of culture, food, landscape and apparently… OnlyFans models. Plus, for a few hundred quid you can launch yourself into the sky in one of the famous hot air balloons too.