‘It’s Just Not Worth It’: Offset Blasted by PETA After Gifting Wife Cardi B a Collection of Crocodile Birkin Bags for Her Birthday

For her 31st birthday, Cardi B was showered with three crocodile Hermès Birkin bags by her husband Offset. However, his extravagant gifts were met with criticism from unhappy individuals who are a part of PETA. 

On Friday, Oct. 13, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Vice President Lisa Lange voiced her disappointment in the rapper’s gift-giving act in a statement shared on their website.

“Instead of using his wealth and influence for good, Offset chose to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars into a gruesome, violent industry that electroshocks crocodiles, shoves metal rods into their heads in an attempt to scramble their brains, and mutilates them while they’re still alive.”

Offset gifts Cardi B nearly half a million dollars' worth of Hermès bags  for birthday

Offset is bashed by PETA after gifting Cardi B an array of Birkin bags for her birthday. (Pictured: @iamcardib/Instagram)

Lange then sent out a reminder to individuals who prioritize using animal skin as accessories or pieces of clothing. “PETA reminds everyone that people who still spend their money on a closet full of dead animals’ body parts are either clueless or simply don’t care about the extreme cruelty they’re perpetuating – it’s just not worth it,” she concluded.

The criticism came after the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared several videos on her actual birthday, Wednesday, Oct. 11, to show off her husband’s luxurious gestures on Instagram for all of her 168 million followers to see.

During the video, Cardi B can be seen walking down a staircase into an arrangement of rose petals, flower bouquets, “Happy Birthday” balloons, and candles. Later, Offset took Cardi to dinner, where he gifted her three Birkins. The designer bags range anywhere in cost from $10,000 to $400,000 and are made of cow, goat, and buffalo skin.

“Thank you soo much babe,” Bardi wrote for her Instagram caption. “You always go beyond for me.I love your skin,I love your face,I love your body , your ankles,I love your soul,I love your heart,I love your fart ,I love your faith,I love your talent ,I will BITE anybody for you lmaaooooo.”

In a now-expired IG Live, the mother of two expressed that she loves them so much that she’d rather invest in Birkins over real estate properties.

Media outlet @Livebitez obtained a snippet from her confession where she stated, “We have tenants that haven’t even paid f—–g rent for like nine months. nine months. And sometimes like, like, we be so busy and like our house managers, they’ll be so busy that I be like ‘You know what? … I don’t even f—–g take them to court.”

Watch the Full Video Here.

“I don’t want properties as gifts,” she stated. “No, I love me a good f—–g Birkin.”

Cardi B gave fans a full-eyed view of her Birkin bag collection back in 2021 after sharing a series of photos that included dozens of bags from the French luxurious company in various sizes and colors. Her array of purchases consisted of popular and rare designs.

She has even mentioned the famous bags in her hit song, “Up,” rapping, “Birkin bag, Bardi bag, and all you b—–s f—-d.”

It’s unclear if Offset will return the gifts, but it’s likely Cardi’s love for Birkins won’t let him.


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