“Its not only about…” – Cardi B Spills Beans on Why They Spent Over $2 Million on a Music Video for Bongos

Cardi B graces the MTV VMAs 2023 Music Awards ‘pink’ carpet in style. Shimmering in a striking silver outfit and laden with charisma, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer spilled the beans as to why she spent a staggering sum of money on her music video, ‘Bongos’ with Meghan Thee Stallion.

Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion's 'Bongos' Video Was $2 Million

The video features Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion, exploring the majestic choreography and Latin-based rhythm. However, in order to make the video, she had to cough up over a million or two to have her frame.

Further, taking the stage and glamor on the red carpet, Cardi B now opens up on it. In a talk with the host, Kevan Kenney, the singer lays out bare why she had to spend the amount of money that she did.

Cardi B on why Bongos needed over $2 million to produce

Standing on the red carpet, the artist spoke on her Meghan Thee Stallion collaboration. The catchy, colorfully vibrant, and strikingly themed song was shot at many locations“I am a creative,” said Cardi B to Kenney on why she had to spend the money. “It is not only about the music video so important to you as an artist,” continued the singer. The musician spoke at length about how everything, from her clothes to her pictures, needed to get to life just the way she had imagined. In her vision for the music video, the singer had a beach setting with over-the-top accessories. Furthermore, the artist also spoke about her “vision”.

The vibrancy of the song pumped up by the amping lyrics had to be the way they were intended to be. “My visions have got to come to life,” said the ‘Bongos’ singer. Cardi B has often displayed her creative flair and will of the way in her music, and ‘Bongos’ is no exception. The collaborative effort with Thee Stallion features a beach setting marked by fiery, colorful visuals. Additionally, owing to the hurricane season, the shot location was Malibu instead of the planned one. Finally, both Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion would be taking over the stage later on the MTV VMAs to perform their hit-up on the show.

Meanwhile, while fans await their performances, both of the singer duo would be looking up to grab their wins for their nods.

Nominations await wins for the vibrant collaborative pair

Among the several artists looking to fill their award kitty, Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion find themselves up in the race too. The ‘Bongos’ pair has been nominated for different categories, although separately. Cardi B is up on the nominations for Best Hip-Hop for her collaboration with GloRilla on ‘Tomorrow 2’, which she won a little while ago. Meanwhile, her ‘Bongos’ counterpart is up for Best Choreography and Best Art Direction for ‘Her’. Fascinatingly, both of their individual efforts display the same energy and vibrancy as their collaboration. Although we would bet that ‘Bongos’ stands apart for a reason.

The song featured an array of striking visual symmetry and thought processes. Without a stretch, the song looks to allow women to embrace their s*xuality without feeling the need to justify themselves. Featuring subtle alludes to s*x, it goes to be entrusting, nonetheless. Further, it aims to portray that everyone is a “hot girl”, regardless of gender or sexuality.

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