‘It’s sad bro’: Fans shocked after Quavo and Offset fight backstage at Grammys 2023 over Takeoff’s ‘Without You’ tribute

Quavo and Offset reportedly fought backstage at the 2023 Grammy Awards over the Takeoff tribute. The duo had to be pulled apart from each other as they were spotted fighting over the tribute to the late rapper, who was one-third of their group.

‘It’s sad bro’: Fans shocked after Quavo and Offset fight backstage at Grammys 2023 over Takeoff’s ‘Without You’ tribute

According to TMZ, sources from the Grammys said Quavo and Offset reportedly got into a fight over Quavo refusing to let Offset take part in the late rapper’s tribute even though the award show requested it. The incident took place just before the ‘In Memoriam’ segment for the stage performance of Quavo for his song ‘Without You.’ TMZ reported that the 31-year-old Migos rappers apparently had a fistfight after Quavo tried to block Offset from letting him join the performance.

How did Takeoff die?

The entire music industry was shocked at the news of the Migos rapper’s death on November 1, 2022, after he died in Houston at the age of 28. He was attending a 40-50 guests private party. “This morning at 2.34 am officers received a call of a shooting in progress. Officers arrived there shortly thereafter — a downtown location, Billiards & Bowling Alley. They came upon a male who was deceased. That male has been identified as Kirshnik Ball, better known as Takeoff,” said Police Chief Troy Finner continued, “I got many calls from Houston and outside of Houston. And everyone spoke of what a great young man this is, how peaceful he is. What a great artist.”

“I spoke to this young man’s mother just an hour ago — she flew in here from out of town. I want everybody to understand the pain, the suffering of a mother. Very tough. And I told her, as we stand with any victim of violence or any homicide victim, their family, we stand with them in this city, in this police department. I want to thank our homicide unit under the direction of Commander Spears for doing great work, time and time again,” the police officer concluded. According to NPR, the suspect in the murder of Takeoff, Patrick Xavier Clark, 33 was found and later released on a bond of $1 million, according to NPR.

‘What happened to these two?’

Internet reacted to the Migos rappers’ brawl behind the stage over the late rappers’ tribute. One Twitter user wrote, “I thought death would bring them closer I hope they work it out eventually,” while another added, “Both men are hurting Sometimes death can bring loved ones closer and sometimes it can manifest itself in the worst way.”

“Got to feel for Offset he didn’t get to say goodbye to Takeoff because they weren’t on speaking terms really show you that life is too short to be mad at the people you love,” and another remarked, “Damn bro, what happened to these two?”

“Shit sad man. The whole situation at hand is just flat-out sad,” a user opined and another wrote, “The loss of a loved one is supposed to bring you close.” Someone wrote, “They really need to get it together. Takeoff won’t want this,” while another wrote, “It’s sad bro. One way or another they are still family. Losing Takeoff should have squashed whatever petty b*******t they have been fighting over. It should’ve brought them closer.”

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