Jade MOCKS Cardi B After Offset Confirms Relationship – Cardi B FURIOUS? – HO

Jade MOCKS Cardi B After Offset Confirms Relationship – Cardi B FURIOUS?

Jade MOCKS Cardi B After Offset Confirms Relationship - Cardi B FURIOUS? - YouTube

Hollywood is currently in the midst of a juicy and tangled mess, courtesy of Cardi B and Offset’s dramatic relationship saga. The drama escalated when Cardi B found herself on the receiving end of some serious teasing from Offset’s new flame, Jade. Offset boldly declared Jade as his number one sweetheart after parting ways with Cardi, and Jade is not letting Cardi forget it anytime soon. This drama is sizzling with real-time Hollywood spice, and you definitely want to dive into this tangled web of celebrity intrigue.

Offset appears to be taking his rivalry with Cardi to new heights, engaging in a series of bewildering antics. The recent weeks have witnessed Offset pulling some truly outlandish moves, including introducing Jade as his new romantic interest. Now, for those scratching their heads wondering who Jade is, let’s break it down. She’s the bartender who had a brief fling with Offset back in 2018, just a few months after Cardi had given birth to their daughter, Kulture. Cardi got wind of the affair, and let’s just say she was far from pleased.

After Takeshi’s girlfriend, Jade, who is beefing with Cardi B, exposed an alleged DM from Offset, random tweets from Offset’s account showed up on Twitter.

The Instagram DM, which read “miss u fr” and the tweets to prove he was hacked read: “I lick a** cheeks/ balls in my face/ I’m gay y’all.”

Cardi B jumped in to say she isn’t at all concerned about the recent rumours surrounding her husband.

Cardi, who has an assault case involving Jade, took to Instagram insisting that the father of her child didn’t send the DM because 1) She claims he isn’t that dumb, and 2) His social media accounts were hacked.

While some say he could be saying the truth, others are not convinced about the timelines.

One argument is that the “hacker” sent the Instagram DM at 1am whereas the “hacker” didn’t tweet until around 3pm the next day; 3pm was also conveniently right after Tekashi’s girlfriend, Jade, posted about the 1am DM on Instagram. So if it was a hacker why did they wait those 14hrs?

Whether he was lying or not, what everyone can agree on is that the commitment to his story is truly remarkable.