Memphis Bleek is in such disbelief that Coach K thinks Jeezy is a bigger artist than Jay-Z, that he thinks the label boss must have been talking about anything other than music.

We caught up with the Memph Man along with his Warehouse Music Group crew out in NYC and by his calculations, weight is the only way Jeezy is outsizing Jay in terms of their career.

Coach K, who managed Jeezy at one point, recently argued that the trap rap legend eclipsed Jay’s popularity and relevancy at the time of his artistic peak, but Bleek still couldn’t be convinced.

jay z jeezy


Don’t get him wrong — Bleek says he remembers when Jeezy first hit the scene and commanded his “Snowman” nickname but in terms of their current streaming numbers, there’s really not much indicating that the teacher surpassed the master.

A changing of the guard Bleek does think is doable, however, is Usher besting Rihanna‘s Super Bowl viewership — which currently ranks as the highest viewed of all-time!!!

The chances of that happening are likely higher than Bleek getting his Jay-Z collab album off the ground … apparently Hov’s been too frightened of Bleek’s rap skills to hop in the booth with him!!!

Rappers With The Most Grammys



Can’t say we’re convinced this time around … may need Jay to confirm this in bars!!!

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