No One Has Ever Done Anything Like This’: Offset Cheers Up Woman Who Was Having A Bad Day By Paying for Her Items at the Register

When Sienna Diaz took her mom shopping at Target to cheer her up,  she had no idea she was not the only one who would make her mom’s day. Rapper Offset showed up to help in an unexpected way.  

Diaz took her mom to Target to shop for some Christmas gifts. Evidently, she hadn’t had a very good night’s sleep and was feeling terrible. Diaz thought she’d take her to her favorite store to perk her up and indulge in some retail therapy around the start of the holiday season.

Offset hugs woman upset at Target after paying for her purchases.
(Photo: @siennadiaz._/Instagram)

Mom wanted to check out the make-up to look for concealer for her under eyes. Since she hadn’t gotten much sleep, she wanted to cover up her dark circles. Once they headed to the cashier to check out, something interesting happened.

“While we were bagging everything up a woman stood next to our the check out station and at first (to us) seemed to be waiting for someone. She overheard our conversation about the concealer and started recommending us other brands makeup that she heard were good. Everything seemed to be pretty normal until the cashier told us how much our items were,” Diaz said in her story on Instagram.

Sienna Diaz thanks Offset for cheering up her mom and making their day.
(Photo: sienna diaz._/Instagram)

The two women were shocked due to the fact that they had already tried on some of the concealers in the store. That is until the woman next to them did something they hadn’t expected. “The wom[a]n beside us quickly handed over the cashier $200. My mom and I were like Huhhh 👁👄👁 lol … we were so confused and then she said, ‘this is from Offset…’ and thats when my mom just started to tear up.”

Offset walked over to Diaz and her mom and gave Diaz’s mom a hug. “He told her that whatever she was going through that she would be okay,” Diaz said, “No one has ever done anything like this for my mom and we are truly grateful.”

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