Offset Explains His Public Apology to Cardi B, Says Backlash Is Why Men Aren’t More Vulnerable

The Migos rapper ambushed Cardi B on stage during her show to apologize for his alleged infidelity, but she wasn’t having it — though they have since reconciled.

Offset came under a lot of criticism for ambushing one of Cardi B’s live performances to apologize late last year, with Ellen DeGeneres pointing out to him that a lot of people thought he was making it about himself.

The Migos rapper dropped by “Ellen” on Friday where he opened up about why he chose to go that route, and why he stands by it despite the backlash he received from the public for doing it so … well, publicly.

“I love my wife so it’s serious, not gaming,” he said. “So it’s like we have schedules and we have shows and I just felt like if I gave a break between time– I just can’t give that break between time, so it’s not forefront. I step to it as a man and say I’m wrong.

He went on to add, “I step to it as a man and you don’t have to take me back, I just want you to know I love you and I care.”

Offset surprised Cardi on stage with a cake and flowers which read, “Take me Back Cardi.” He then said, “I just wanna tell you I’m sorry, bruh, in person, in front of the world. I love you. Whatever I gotta do to show you that, I’m there.”

Cardi didn’t give him the forgiveness he was looking for at that moment — her mind was probably a million other places as she was in the middle of performing — but the couple has since reconciled.

And doing these things publicly is just kind of how he rolls. Offset was also criticized for proposing to Cardi in a similar manner. “I’m putting it all on the table just like I married her– I asked her to marry me in Philadelphia at the radio show in front of 60,000,” he said.

“And when I did that they were like, oh, why he do it– ’cause it’s just my affection, showing I’m not hiding it, I’m not hiding my affection for you, that’s all. Me being vulnerable, I guess.”

According to the rapper, though, it’s the negative responses like he’s received for his public displays of vulnerability that are a big part of the reason men choose to hide their emotions. “That’s why men don’t be trying to be vulnerable,” he said. “Because when you do it, it’s like, there’s something wrong with it either way.”

And he is right that there is an issue in this country with men being perceived as weak or somehow not masculine for showing emotion or vulnerability, but he may be missing the largest part of the criticism. It’s the fact that he stole her moment in the spotlight at her show to stage his public apology.

Why not be vulnerable in the privacy of their own home or at any other moment in their lives than the few hours during a concert when it’s supposed to be all about her. Maybe make this public statement at one of his shows instead.

So it wasn’t his vulnerability and admission of guilt that upset people at all. That is certainly to be lauded and appreciated. It was his choice of when and where to make this grand gesture that didn’t sit right with many on social media. We’re not sure this defense of it will, either.


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