Offset Talks Private Relationship With Quavo & Denies Contacting Authorities After Online Sparring With Kenneth Petty– ‘Police Ain’t Never Calling Me’

Offset dropped by The Breakfast Club and opened up about his relationship with Quavo, as well as his flare-up with Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty.

Offset Talks Relationship With Quavo & Kenneth Petty Flare Up

All year Offset has been teasing the release of his second solo album and the time has finally come. His album Set It Off will arrive this Friday and he’s is in full promo mode.

With that in mind, he dropped by The Breakfast Club and one of the main topics was his current relationship with Quavo. The former group members reunited in honor of the late Takeoff and haven’t been seen together since.

According to HotNewHipHop, all is well between the two but the bond is not for public consumption.

“That’s my brother at the end of the day,” said Offset. “We good though, bro, we just linked up in Paris,” he added. Set also revealed they both are using each other as a vessel in the grieving process. “It don’t be for the public,”

“That’s the thing when it’s like this… Everything ain’t for the public to be kiking. Everybody want us to be like… But we still gotta move on our own worlds,” he continued to explain.

“At the end of the day, “it’s all love.”
During the interview, Offset was open to discussing any and everything even his flare-up with Nicki Minaj’s husband.

Kenneth Petty Is Under House Arrest For Threatening Offset

As previously reported Kenneth Petty and Offset had an online squabble that stemmed from him DM’ing a friend of Petty’s who was threatening his wife Cardi B. Somehow that led to Kenneth and the man on a block in NYC looking for Set who was in Colorado with Deion Sanders.

Petty was placed on house arrest after the incident which caused many to think the Atlanta rapper spoke to the police. According to the Migos member, however, that’s far from the truth.

“Hell naw!” said Offset. “Police ain’t never calling me. They ain’t go no number for me. Man, please. I would never do no lame-a** s**t like that. I’d rather keep in the street than do some sh*t like that. All that sh*t a joke. Grown-a** man doing sh*t like that…I just laugh at sh*t like that.”

“I’m just too old to participate in s**t like that,” he added. “I think sometimes n***as want you to be tough. But when you crash out they call you stupid.”

Additionally, Set added he’s fought too hard to get away from all that energy to get sucked back in. When the Migos first took off, Offset was in jail, and when he was released, his rap sheet cost them money. Now much wiser and avoiding trouble, it’s clear that Offset hasn’t forgotten those moments.

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