Patrick Mahomes has to perform because of Taylor Swift and Chiefs are worst when she’s missing’ claims Fox NFL star. (HO)

PATRICK Mahomes had one of the worst years of his NFL career and one former star thinks Taylor Swift is to blame.

Unlike previous years when the Kansas City Chiefs were the most potent offense in the NFL, the team has struggled to emerge as a top contender this season.

Julian Edelman thinks Taylor Swift negatively affected Patrick Mahomes' performance

Julian Edelman thinks Taylor Swift negatively affected Patrick Mahomes’ performanceCredit: Getty

Swift has been highly active around the Kansas City Chiefs while dating Travis Kelce

Swift has been highly active around the Kansas City Chiefs while dating Travis KelceCredit: The Mega Agency

Former New England Patriots wide receiver and three-time Super Bowl winner Julian Edelman thinks the emergence of Taylor Swift at Chiefs games is putting pressure on the team.

Ever since the start of Swift’s relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, she has been present at around half of the team’s games this season.

Edelman thinks this presence is part of the reason for the team’s poor play.

“Patrick Mahomes has to perform because his wife’s friends with Taylor now. He wants that relationship to keep going,” Edelman told The Boston Globe.

The 2023 season was an unusual year for Mahomes, who posted his lowest passing yards and touchdown totals since 2019. He also threw the most interceptions in any year of his career.

Whether you want to say it’s a coincidence or directly related to Swift, Mahomes’ numbers started to drop off around the start of her relationship with Kelce.

October was the time that the relationship became public and official, and it is coincidentally around the time that Mahomes’ performance took a dip.

After the Chiefs’ October 22 win against the Los Angeles Chargers, Mahomes had 2,017 yards, 15 touchdowns, and six interceptions through seven games.

If he continued that pace he would have finished with 4,919 yards with 35 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

That would have been the most passing yards and touchdowns in the league this year.

However, in the final 10 games of the season, Mahomes threw only 2,166 yards and 12 touchdowns with eight interceptions.

On that pace over a full season, Mahomes would have thrown 3,683 yards and 20 touchdowns with 14 interceptions.

Clearly, Mahomes’ production changed after Swift arrived, whether she had a direct impact or not. However, Edelmas still thinks having her around is great for football.

“It’s great for the league, you know,” Edelman said.

“Taylor Swift is bringing so many different kinds of fans that don’t usually follow football to watch football.

“It’s pretty cool, you know, because you’re making our sport more popular.”

Mahomes' numbers before and after Swift's emergence are vastly different

Mahomes’ numbers before and after Swift’s emergence are vastly differentCredit: Reuters