Rihanna Set to Join $900M Franchise After Impressing Fans With Sandra Bullock’s Ocean’s 8

Rihanna is all set to portray the role of Smurfette in the upcoming untitled Smurfs movie.

The news came from one of the greatest events of World Cinema- CinemaCon. A few days ago only, this year’s CinemaCon came to its conclusion after announcing some of the greatest upcoming projects. On the last day of the event, the Barbadian singer rocked the stage to announce her upcoming acting venture.



The nine times Grammy winner’s last major project was Ocean’s 8. In the heist movie, she acted alongside various big names from the industry such as Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, and many others. Following that, the upcoming Smurfs movie is sure to push Rihanna to another level of popularity.

Rihanna joins the untitled Smurfs movie cast

The Smurfs upcoming film

The Smurfs

Although it can’t be said that The Smurfs is one of the most notable film franchises of all time, it has its own kind of fanbase. The Belgian comic series has spawned three movies in the past. While none of the movies are critically acclaimed, the first movie is regarded as Sony Pictures Animation’s most successful film to date.

After The Smurfs 2 didn’t receive a positive response and was also not commercially successful, the threequel movie acted as a reboot and also changed its style. Smurfs: The Lost Village acted as a full-fledged animated movie whereas the previous followed a live-action animated hybrid style.

Rihanna as Nine Ball in Ocean's 8

Rihanna as Nine Ball in Ocean’s 8

Now in the upcoming untitled addition to the franchise, Rihanna will play the role of Smurfette, the female Smurf created by the villain Gargamel. Earlier, this role has already been played by Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. With another notable singer taking over the role, the singer is also slated to contribute her singing skills to the movie.

What do we know about the upcoming Smurfs movie?

Rihanna as Smurfette


The Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets actress will don the role of Smurfette who was initially sent by Gargamel to the Smurfs’ village to create problems for the blue humanoid characters. Later the character teamed up with the Smurfs and became one of the most favorite characters.

The details about the upcoming musical adventure movie are absolutely scarce but it can be hoped that it will be a pleasant experience for Rihanna as the voice behind one of the primary characters. Interesting will also be to watch who are the other stars that Paramount Pictures ropes in for the other primary roles.

Rihanna also expressed her excitement regarding the project on stage. It is not her first time voicing any character as earlier her voice was also heard in DreamWorks’ Home. More updates about the casting and further developments about the movie will be awaited.

The untitled Smurfs movie is expected to release on February 14, 2025.

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