Rihanna tour reports are “bogus,” says a high level source (Billboard)…

In news that comes as no surprise to the Navy, Rihanna has NOT been confirmed for any 2024-2025 tour plans despite The Daily Mirror reporting otherwise. A high-level source who would be involved in such tour talks said the Live Nation 32 million pounds figure sounds made up and noted that “no tour has been confirmed for Rihanna.” 

Via Billboard:

Live Nation has not placed any holds on venues for a potential tour. Typically, when a promoter begins booking a tour for a major artist, they will call different venues on the tour route and ask venue bookers to reserve various dates on their calendar to accommodate different routing scenarios for an upcoming tour. If Rihanna and Live Nation were to sign a deal, it would likely take several months to hammer out a potential tour route.

Well, DUH! Rihanna does not care about returning to music, and I don’t think she ever enjoyed touring. The constant lateness, the lack of energy on stage. I feel she was only doing it because it was a requirement. She is at home in her lovely, cosy mansion enjoying motherhood to her boys while her billion dollar empire continues to go from strength to strength. She does not need to tour any more or record any more albums. And if I’m totally honest, 32 million did seem a little low for an artist of Rihanna’s calibre. That chick has practically retired music, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to enjoy her family and everything she has worked so hard for.