Rihanna was extremely shocked when the police burst into her house, the reason why everyone was shocked and scared

On January 13, the Hollywood entertainment industry was shocked by the news that Rihanna was suddenly raided by the police at her home.

Specifically, according to news site TMZ, an unknown man broke into Rihanna’s private “property” in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA to propose to the singer. This person was determined to be wearing a red Nike hoodie.

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Rihanna was suddenly raided by the police at her home.

Before this action, Rihanna’s security team quickly called the police in. The subject was immediately arrested and taken to the police station. According to the investigation, it was determined that this person did not violate any laws so he was released and asked not to return to Rihanna’s house.


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A strange man broke into Rihanna’s house… to propose to the singer.

It is unclear whether Rihanna was at home at the time of the incident, but international media quickly contacted the singer to find out the truth. Sharing this story, Rihanna said she was quite surprised when the police burst into her house.

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Rihanna said she was quite surprised about this incident.

Although she is no longer active in artistic activities and seems to have “frozen” her singing career, the name Rihanna still retains its inherent appeal.Over the past decade, the female singer has made a strong impression with a series of hit songs, breaking a series of prestigious music charts around the world. In 2012, Rihanna was named the most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine at number 4.

Besides singing, Rihanna also owns her own cosmetics brand founded and managed by the singer herself. The female singer’s net worth is estimated to be more than 1.7 billion USD (statistics and published in 2019).

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Rihanna is ranked as America’s youngest self-made female billionaire.