Rihanna’s Used Her $1.7 Billion Net Worth To Splurge On Some Truly Over The Top And Fabulous Items

Rihanna knows how to spend her hard-earned billions. These are just some of her most extravagant splurges.

Rihanna's Used Her $1.7 Billion Net Worth To Splurge On Some Truly Over The Top And Fabulous Items

Rihanna is the richest female singer in the world, with her net worth coming in at just over $1.7 billion. …Yeah, really… billionaire with a very big “B”. Along with being one of the most successful pop superstars on the planet, she’s managed to create two incredibly successful companies.

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With 9 Grammy wins and 33 nominations over the course of her career, the woman is a music legend, and fans are eagerly awaiting her 9th studio album. In truth, she’s amassed most of her fortune outside the music industry, thanks to the incredible success of Fenty Beauty and her lingerie line Savage Fenty. Still, her vast, dedicated following stems directly from her music career.

Rihanna has definitely earned the right to treat herself and treat herself as she does. The billionaire has no problem splurging on the finer things in life. Below, we highlight some of Rihanna’s most significant purchases to give insight into how the singer spends her billions. And needless to say, some of these purchases are absolutely over the top. But we’d expect nothing less from the iconic superstar.

8How Much Did Rihanna Spend On Her Mansion In Barbados?

Rihanna's Net Worth As She Announces Her First Pregnancy with A$AP Rocky

Originally from Barbados, Rihanna purchased an incredible mansion in her home country for her and her family to enjoy. The $22 million beachside home has five bedrooms, each with a private terrace and dressing room. There’s a concierge on sight available 24/7. The home also has a gorgeous swimming pool and a full gym. The most exclusive feature – is a private beach that leads to the Caribbean Sea. Rihanna has also purchased two homes for her parents on the Island for about $2 million each.

7How Much Does Rihanna Spend On Her Beauty Routine?

Rihanna is now a billionaire, wins fans over with her humble response to achievement. Watch - Hindustan Times

It’s expensive to look as good as Rihanna. The singer reportedly spends about $56,000 a week to maintain her gorgeous appearance. The Umbrella singer shells out all that money to ensure she has a string of experts on her beauty team at all times. This includes an on-call dermatologist, nail technician, hair stylist, and eyelash technician. A source close to Rihanna said, “Her eyelash expert is on call 24/7. It’s not unusual for Rihanna to call at 11 pm before a night out.”

6How Much Did Rihanna Spend On Her Los Angeles Condo?

Rihanna's Net Worth (2023): How Much Rihanna Makes From Fenty, Movies, Music - Parade: Entertainment, Recipes, Health, Life, Holidays

Rihanna has a penthouse in one of Hollywood’s most exclusive and coveted spots, the Century Plaza Towers in Century City. Some of her famous neighbors have included Paula Abdul and Friends star Matthew Perry. She and ASAP Rocky hunkered down in the penthouse for the majority of 2020. The building has top-level security, which is one of the reasons celebrities are drawn to it. It also has 24-hour valet service and an indoor swimming pool.

She originally purchased the penthouse for $5.5 million, but prices have skyrocketed since she invested in the space. Matthew Perry sold his condo in the Century Plaza Towers for a whopping $21.6 million in 2021, the highest price a condo has ever sold for in California.

5How Much Has Rihanna Spent On Cars?

Rihanna's net worth and the most expensive things she owns

Rihanna has an awe-inspiring array of expensive cars, with her collection totaling out around $2.3 million. While some of her vehicles she was gifted, like her Porsche 911 Turbo S from Jay-Z, others she bought for herself. She even ended up keeping the $1 million 2009-model Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss she purchased for her ex Chris Brown. Some of her other cars include a Maybach and a Mercedes-Benz S Class. She even owns a Chevrolet Turban, which retails for $51,000.

4How Much Of Her Net Worth Does Rihanna Spend On ASAP Rocky?

Billionaire Rihanna Dropped out of School to Pursue Music Career

Rihanna enjoys splurging on the people she loves the most, and ASAP Rocky is no exception. The singer has been spotted on numerous thousand-dollar spending sprees with her boyfriend over the course of their relationship. They also seem to reside in her homes, leading us to believe he’s not paying much, if anything, for rent.

3How Much Has Rihanna Spent On Her Massive Jewelry Collection?

Rihanna Is Worth Over $1.7 Billion - Rihanna Net Worth

Rihanna is nearly always drenched in jewelry, and over the years, the star has acquired quite a rare collection of pieces. Some of her most frequented jewelry designers are Chopard, Cartier, and Bulgari. While we don’t know the exact pieces the star owns, online sources estimate that the star has spent over $40 million on her jewelry collection.

There’s no doubt that a good chunk of her fanbase would be incredibly envious of this fact.

2How Much Is Rihanna’s Impressive Watch Collection Worth?

Forbes on X: "Rihanna's net worth revealed https://t.co/wQVEGtzteP #SelfMadeWomen https://t.co/71Pt3HGFHn" / X

Rihanna seems to have an affinity for the finest watches as well. Her collection includes numerous six-figure watches, such as her yellow gold Panthère de Cartier, which retails for up to $238,000. The watch first debuted in 1983 and has been spotted on superstars like Madonna and Jane Fonda. It only makes sense that Rihanna would have one for herself. She’s also the owner of a rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus watch. The average price for that watch starts at around $150,000.

She also has a few watches that appear to be just below the six-figure mark… which is nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure. For example, the watch she was wearing during the photo shoot for her baby bump reveal was a Rolex King Midas, which according to online sources, retails for around $27,000.​​​​​​​

1How Much Of Her Net Worth Does Rihanna Spend On Her Baby?

Rihanna Net Worth 2019 Rihanna Is Worth Hundreds Of, 50% OFF

True Rihanna fans know that the singer had always dreamed of being a mother, which is why so many of them were beyond thrilled when she announced she was expecting a baby with ASAP Rocky. The star went all out for her baby’s wardrobe, and she was spotted spending $3000 in one shopping trip on her son. While we don’t know the exact amount the singer has spent on her son, we can guarantee she’s been spoiling him with everything he deserves and more.

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