“She seemed LOST, SCARED and CONFUSED”, Bianca Censori wears sheer pants & black lace bra at elegant LA eatery for dinner with Kanye West after marital concerns-HO

Fans continue to be concerned about Bianca’s wellbeing after her revealing outfits

BIANCA Censori has been spotted rocking one of her most naked outfits yet as worries for her marriage grow.

Bianca, 29, went out to dinner with her husband Kanye West, 46, on Wednesday.

Bianca Censori and her husband Kanye West went out to dinner on Wednesday
Bianca Censori and her husband Kanye West went out to dinner on WednesdayCredit: BackGrid

The couple attended a French restaurant called Gigi's in Los Angeles
The couple attended a French restaurant called Gigi’s in Los AngelesCredit: BackGrid

Bianca showed up at the eatery wearing nothing but a bra and lace tights

Bianca showed up at the eatery wearing nothing but a bra and lace tightsCredit: BackGrid

They visited Gigi’s in Los Angeles, California – an upscale French restaurant.

The rapper was hiding behind his typical all-black aesthetic and a baggy jacket, but Bianca wasn’t so lucky.

She wore next to nothing while awkwardly strolling into the restaurant.

As a top, she wore a lacy lowcut black bra that exposed a lot of her cleavage, her back, and her stomach.

On the bottom, she was only wearing a pair of nude high-waisted lace tights that were completely see-through.

She wasn’t wearing any underwear – which was clear from any photos taken of her back.

The architect did attempt to keep her modesty by placing a small black purse over her crotch as she walked.

Her outfit was completed with a pair of sky-high cork-heeled wedges that appeared to be about six inches tall.

The top of the shoes was made of a clear plastic completing her nude illusion.

Not to distract from the rest of her look, Bianca’s hair was slicked back in a bun and she wore minimal makeup.


Critics on X, formerly known as Twitter, and Instagram caught a glimpse of Bianca’s outfit and dragged her.

Others were genuinely concerned with how upset and downcast she appeared in the photos.

One said, “Everything Bianca Censori wears is ugly. Like, be so for real. Put an actual outfit on, please.”

“Every time I see a video of Kanye and Bianca Censori out and about I get major Sims waiting for directions vibes from her.

Her tights were completely see-through flaunting that she wasn't wearing underwear
Her tights were completely see-through flaunting that she wasn’t wearing underwearCredit: BackGrid
Concerned fans have been expressing their worries about Bianca’s well-being and the state of her marriage in recent months, with some noting her demeanor and body language in public appearances.

One observer commented, “She seems lost, scared, and confused,” while another suggested, “There needs to be an intervention!!!”

Reflecting on Bianca’s apparent lack of confidence, a fan remarked, “If she looked confident, it’d be a different story, but maybe this is just a shot of her looking meek, timid, and uncomfortable.”

Echoing similar sentiments, another user wrote, “She always looks so scared and uncomfortable idk maybe it’s just me,” while someone else added, “Does anyone else think she looks embarrassed and awkward? Bless her!”

The concerns over Bianca’s well-being have intensified, particularly following her sighting at The Cheesecake Factory with Kanye in March, where she appeared visibly downcast.

Furthermore, Bianca’s marriage has reportedly strained her relationship with her parents, who disapprove of her current lifestyle choices.

Her father Leo Censori wants to have a sitdown with the rapper, but Bianca has done everything she can to prevent them from meeting.

As a top, she was only wearing a black lace bra
As a top, she was only wearing a black lace braCredit: BackGrid

Fans online were worried about how uncomfortable she appeared in the pics
Fans online were worried about how uncomfortable she appeared in the picsCredit: BackGrid

Bianca and Kanye's marriage has also come into question as of late\
Bianca and Kanye’s marriage has also come into question as of late

Constantly shocking because of her revealing clothes, Bianca Censori is advised to “learn from her mother”

Rapper Kanye West’s wife – Bianca Censori – constantly shocks people by appearing in revealing outfits at events as well as in everyday life. Bianca’s parents decided to “take action to correct things”.

In recent times, Australian beauty Bianca Censori has consistently made headlines in the media and captured international public attention by appearing in revealing outfits at events and in everyday activities.

Her actions have sparked numerous debates, with some expressing concerns that Bianca may be experiencing psychological instability. Others speculate that she may be in an unhealthy romantic relationship, suggesting that she might be controlled, even forced into doing things against her will.

After much controversy surrounding the Australian beauty, particularly since her association with American rapper Kanye West, Bianca’s mother has decided to travel to the United States to visit her daughter and son-in-law. This marks the first time Bianca’s mother has visited the U.S. to meet her son-in-law since Bianca married Kanye West in 2022.

The continuous debates have surrounded Bianca Censori ever since she became known as the girlfriend and later wife of rapper Kanye West. Prior to this, Bianca was not familiar with the showbiz world. The visit from Bianca’s mother is said to facilitate a dialogue on behalf of the family regarding Bianca and Kanye’s recent controversial fashion choices.

Images of Bianca’s mother, Mrs. Alexandra Censori, appearing on the streets of Los Angeles, have surprised both the media and the American public. Mrs. Alexandra exhibits a youthful, elegant fashion style, completely contrasting with… her daughter’s.

When spotted together on the streets, Bianca wore a daringly cut dress, while her mother exuded a more refined fashion sense. The mother and daughter duo were seen shopping together in Los Angeles last Friday.

Previously, Bianca’s family refrained from intervening in her and rapper Kanye West’s private life. However, as things escalated beyond control and showed no signs of slowing down, the Censori family perhaps could no longer stand aside. Mrs. Alexandra Censori’s visit marks the first time a member of this family has traveled to the U.S. to visit Bianca and her husband.

Over the past year, Bianca Censori has made multiple appearances at events and in daily life wearing daringly cut or sheer, form-fitting outfits, often without underwear. Many believe her fashion style is akin to walking naked on the streets.

In fact, Bianca has faced legal risks due to her fashion choices and behavior. For instance, during a trip to Italy last summer, she and her husband faced severe backlash from the Italian public. Italian media criticized Bianca for her indecent dressing.


Later, Bianca Censori and rapper Kanye West were also alleged to have engaged in inappropriate intimate behavior while on a boat in Venice, Italy. Authorities in Venice had announced that they would investigate the incident.

If there were sufficient evidence to prove that Bianca Censori and Kanye West indeed engaged in inappropriate public behavior, the authorities would impose appropriate penalties on the couple. However, there was no further information from the authorities in Venice thereafter.

Most recently, during Paris Fashion Week in France, Bianca Censori shocked again by wearing sheer stockings on the streets.

Bianca used flesh-colored patches to cover herself. While she wasn’t completely naked, the sight still shocked the international media and public. Bianca Censori’s actions put her at risk of being fined €15,000 for indecent exposure in public under current French law.

Liên tục gây sốc vì mặc hở, Bianca Censori được khuyên hãy học tập mẹ - 4

Currently, with Bianca’s mother’s presence in the US to have official discussions with her daughter and son-in-law about the recent controversies surrounding the couple, public attention has shifted to… Bianca’s mother. Many believe that Bianca should learn from her mother’s style of dressing.

One internet user commented and received many positive responses: “Bianca’s mother is a beautiful woman with an elegant demeanor. She dresses very stylishly, knowing how to enhance her own beauty. I feel sorry for her. I believe that with such a fashion sense, she surely has instilled basic standards of dressing in her daughter.”

Liên tục gây sốc vì mặc hở, Bianca Censori được khuyên hãy học tập mẹ - 5

Kanye West (born 1977) is a famous rapper, music producer, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer in America. West is one of the world’s best-selling artists with 160 million records sold.

West has won 24 Grammy awards, he belongs to the group of artists who have won the most Grammy awards in the international music industry. West is also a prominent artist in the international hip hop world in terms of achievements in his music career.

West’s six debut albums – The College Dropout (2004), Late Registration (2005), Graduation (2007), 808s & Heartbreak (2008), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) and Yeezus (2013) – were recorded by magazines Rolling Stone’s music was included in the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Time magazine once placed Kanye West on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2005 and 2015. As a fashion designer, West has collaborated with many big brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gap , Adidas…

In American showbiz, West is a controversial figure because of his statements and actions. Kanye West’s past marriage to billionaire businesswoman Kim Kardashian as well as West’s mental health are always topics that attract the attention of the media and the American public.

Liên tục gây sốc vì mặc hở, Bianca Censori được khuyên hãy học tập mẹ - 6Bianca Censori (born in 1995) is originally an architect and model from Australia. She first gained international media attention when she became associated with Kanye West and shocked audiences with her bold fashion choices. Censori holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture. She met West through her work and officially became involved with the rapper in 2022.

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