Video – Cardi B’s “Booty” Bounces Non-Stop During Night Out With Offset, New Yorker Nearly Suffers Nip Slip

Those who spend much of their time in the public eye, such as Cardi B, become accustomed to others admiring their beauty and bodies, which is often why they have no problem showing off, both out in public and on social media.

Cardi B’s Booty Bounces Non-Stop During Night Out With Offset, New Yorker Nearly Suffers Nip Slip

For the mother of two’s part, she previously worked as a stripper. As a result, she’s accustomed to flaunting far more than some people are comfortable with, though that’s never stopped Bardi from being herself.

As Page Six reports, in the days following her 31st birthday, the “I Like It” artist nearly suffered a nip slip in a selfie posted to her Twitter page. “Fine as can be ,” Cardi wrote in the caption, proudly showing off the diamond Monroe gem on her upper lip, not to mention her perfectly white smile. Upon closer inspection, users noticed that the rap diva’s nipple was almost visible beneath her blanket, but she didn’t seem to mind as the post is still up two days later.

Cardi B is Feeling Herself After Turning 31 This Month

Besides making her more comfortable in her skin, stripping also allowed for Cardi to become an expert at one of her favourite pastimes – twerking. We’ve seen her showing out for Offset and her IG followers over the past week, and while the couple was turning up at the club, patrons caught them on camera having a blast while letting their sexy sides shine.

East Coast Icon Can’t Stop Twerking on Offset

We’ve always known that Offset and Cardi B are “FREAKY,” but as the pair continues to promote their second SET IT OFF collab, we’re seeing them looking more comfortable together than ever before. Not only is the former Migo a pro at handling his wife’s attitude, but he’s always right there to catch it when she throws it back on him. Make sure to check back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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