“Why are you still in love with her?”: Chris Brown is Still in Love With Rihanna Decade After Their Controversial Break-up?

Chris Brown and Rihanna were once the couple everyone talked about. Before the singer and A$AP Rocky got together, the two had been in the eye of the media for quite a long time. Their relationship has seen twists and turns of events that kept increasing her fans’ concern for the singer, but in the end, there was not much that they could do.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Seeing that the singer is pregnant with the A$AP Rocky’s second child, rumors have started floating again about how Chris Brown could still be in love with her. Even after years of the two splitting and both finding love in other individuals, there might be a chance that the rapper is still head over heels for his former beau.

Chris Brown Might Still Love Rihanna

It has been more than a decade since Chris Brown and Rihanna decided to break things off. While it hadn’t been kind to either party, it became a tough decision despite the singer going back to him once before. The two first broke things off after the rapper had allegedly attacked her violently. Sometime later the two got together again, with her stating that she has forgiven Brown and is the one to blame instead of him.

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Rihanna with Chris Brown

The two broke things off once again, finally after years of being together, when the singer was ready to start a family and have children, while Brown was not at all prepared for it. Both of them wanted different things in life which could not coincide with the two wanting to be together. The rapper went on to have two children with separate girlfriends, while Rihanna is already raising her first child while happily being in a relationship with A$AP Rocky. Even after years, and Brown’s multiple relationships, there are still hints of him being in love with the Ocean’s Eight star. Despite so many years passing, the flame is still in his eyes when he talks about her.

Chris Brown Has Talked About His Admiration For Rihanna Before

Chris Brown has always looked very blissful whenever he talks about Rihanna, whether in interviews or otherwise. He admitted in a post that he was still in love with a past lover of his. This created an entire rampage among fans who immediately believed that he was talking about the singer.


The rapper and the singer back then

He further stated how his love was unconditional for ‘her’ whenever anyone asked why he was still attracted to the singer. While the clarification of who this woman is never made clear, fans had settled on it being none other than Rihanna.

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