You can now steal Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime style — if you have £2K to spare

Rihanna wore a version of the bright red jumpsuit when she revealed her second pregnancy. Now, you too can look runway-ready with Loewe’s special edition version





In-flight style is having a major moment right now. The Beckham documentary has prompted numerous Noughties jet-setting pictures of David and Victoria to resurface as style inspiration, while Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s new Gucci campaign uses the airport as its backdrop. But for those who prefer the utilitarian look over athleisure, Loewe has the answer: a version of the flightsuit that Rihanna wore to this year’s Super Bowl.

The brand has just announced that a special edition release of the poppy red all-in-one design is now available for purchase on its website. It also comes in black for those less bold than Ri-Ri. Or there are trousers if you want to forgo the faff of the full suit. Both come with practical detailing: plenty of pockets and D-ring straps at the knees.

The price of emulating everyone’s favourite bad girl? A cool £2,100.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime performance in Arizona was a seriously iconic moment, which saw her land on a platform 60 feet above the air alongside her dancers (it’s not quite 32,000 feet, but we’ll give it to her) to belt out out a set starting with “Bitch Better Have My Money” in all red.

If you’re keen to recreate the full ‘fit, here’s a refresher on the look she created with her stylist Jahleel Weaver: the custom Loewe jumpsuit by Jonathan Anderson was paired with a moulded red bustier underneath, red leather maxi puffa by Alaïa and practical Salomon X MM6 high-top trainers.




Who could forget that the performance also served as Rihanna’s second pregnancy announcement. She chose to wear her jumpsuit unzipped below her belly to reveal the news. Maternity shoppers might want to flex the same style trick with their version.

While it might be the most memorable appearance of the piece in recent times, the jumpsuit, and specifically it’s aviation-ready cousin, the flightsuit, has a long history of being referenced in fashion. It started life as a wartime invention in 1917 to keep pilots warm in the cockpit, and like many workwear items, they were co-opted later by artists and punks during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. They have appeared countless times in pop culture with movies, notably see Alien – where Sigourney Weaver took the look to space.

In high fashion – jumpsuits which also borrow inspiration from the puff-legged versions working women wore in the Second World War – have been around since Elsa Schiaparelli began creating them in the 1930s for the privileged few. American designer Vera Maxwell had more commercial success with sportier looking ones in the 1940s, and there have been thousands of eveningwear iterations through the years.

Princess Diana was among the poster girls for a short-sleeved version of the look in the 1980s, though the past decade or so has seen them ripe for a comeback close to their original – and practical form. Burberry’s 2019 versions were a hit, cinched at the waist and with epaulettes. Irina Shayk then made headlines when she was photographed wearing one from the collection on the other sort of runway – to jet out of the country after splitting with ex Bradley Cooper.

Last year they were a major trend which trickled down to mainstream style, with Frankie Shop’s utility detail versions appearing all over style blogs.

Now alongside Loewe helping them to take off for another season, they’re also an in-flight mainstay for real crew, as the BA uniforms created by Ozwald Boateng include the first ever tapered short-sleeve flightsuit.

No doubt the humble all-in-one will continue to fly off shelves for many years to come.

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