Angelina Jolie used to be very “strong” in s.e.x when living with Brad Pitt, even during pregnancy

Maybe many secrets are still just secrets, but there are truths that Angelina Jolie did not mention in her autobiography that have been revealed.

Recently, Radar Online reported that Angelina Jolie will publish an autobiography revealing her “nightmare” marriage with actor Brad Pitt and will be released in April 2017, after the scandal. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s” divorce has been finalized. Does Angelina’s autobiography reveal anything about their “open” marriage? She is bisexual. And is it true that the needs of women are always on her mind, causing the beauty to feel depressed and cramped when she married Brad Pitt. Maybe many secrets are still just secrets, but there are truths that Angelina did not mention in her autobiography that have been revealed.

Angelina Jolie used to be very “strong” in sex

Famous for her wild past, Angelina Jolie lost her virginity at the age of 14. Before joining Brad Pitt, she experienced many passionate and depraved love affairs. Sex is often a tool for Angelina to relieve deadlock in life. Being married twice and experiencing same-sex relationships perhaps partly shows that Jolie is a woman with extremely “strong” instincts.

Angelina Jolie had passionate days with Brad Pitt

It wasn’t until she got to know Brad and was with Brad that the “Secret of the Ancient Tomb” actress became less impulsive and wild than before. In an interview with Public magazine, Angie affirmed that it was Pitt who pulled her out of her mistakes and helped her change. She said: “I’ve never hidden that I’m a lesbian, but since I met Brad Pitt, I’m no longer gay. His love transformed me into a different person.”

Angelina Jolie has spent her sweetest days with Brad Pitt. Confiding to the Telegraph , Jolie also confessed that she was very lucky to have Brad : “He is a gentleman, but at the same time a real man. He knows how to balance career, life, love as a husband, father and is physically great.”

Even during pregnancy, Jolie felt satisfied in sex with Pitt

Even when she was pregnant, having sex with Brad made Angelina feel satisfied. Revealing about her sex life during pregnancy, Jolie once shared: “Your sex life will become great when you are pregnant. It will make you two more creative. And that will of course have more fun. As a woman, at those times I feel truly satisfied. It stimulates creativity and brings irresistible satisfaction to both parties.”

For his part, Brad Pitt is quite secretive about his bedroom affairs. On a rare occasion, the actor “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” revealed the secret about his sex life with the sexiest woman on the planet Angelina. He said that the secret cave behind the swimming pool waterfall at home is where he and Jolie experienced the most romantic moments when having “sex”.

Jolie is said to still have sexual desires with homosexuals, so she and Brad often invite models to their house to have fun in threesomes.

However, a recent source said that even though she is married to a charming man like Brad, Angelina still has a need for women. And this need is always in her mind. This makes Jolie feel trapped when she is with Brad Pitt. To solve this situation, Angelina and Brad often invite female models to their house to “have fun” in a threesome.

Pitt is even said to be a shy man who lacks confidence. He was haunted by the idea that Angelina would have an affair. This is why Brad Pitt uses alcohol and drugs to support his low self-esteem.

Cold sex is one of the causes of breakup?

Angelina Jolie ‘s sex life had a special change when she had to go through the most difficult period of her life because she had to decide to have breast surgery to prevent cancer. Last year she continued to have her ovaries removed and her fallopian tubes tied. Jolie strongly accepted to trade everything to keep her life because she thought of her children and Brad Pitt.

Breast surgery, oophorectomy and tubal ligation to prevent cancer caused Angelina Jolie’s general health and sexual performance to decline.

The 41-year-old star said: ” This surgery is not as complicated as the previous breast surgery, but the impact it leaves is huge. I can’t have any more children, and I think I will have some physical changes. After the surgery, because I had to go through menopause, I had to prepare mentally and physically to accept the truth.” Despite taking medications to balance hormones, Jolie could not avoid the crisis due to early menopause.

Jolie’s health also declined significantly, she became visibly thinner and was said to only drink alcohol and not eat much. Many people believe that Angelina ‘s wasting has made Brad Pitt feel bored. The coolness in his love and sex life with Angie caused Pitt to fall in love with another woman, leading to the breakup of the Brangelina family.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up after 12 years of being together

On September 19, Angelina Jolie suddenly filed for divorce from Brad Pitt due to irreconcilable differences. Both sides emphasized that there was no intervention from a third person. Angelina made the above decision for the safety and health of her children’s lives. Jolie’s side also accused Brad of drinking alcohol and being involved in drugs, which had a negative impact on the children. She asked to raise the child alone and Pitt could only visit. Although it is not known whether sex was the cause of Brangelina’s breakup, it is clear that the two’s sex life has been significantly affected since Angelina’s health problems.