Angelina Jolie will play legendary singer Maria Callas in the film

The new role of ‘dark fairy’ Angelina Jolie in the movie ‘Maria’ will reveal the life of the first diva in history.


Angelina Jolie in the movie “Maria” – Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

News from The Hollywood Reporter , the first look of star Angelina Jolie as legendary singer Maria Callas has just been announced. Maria Callas was once known as the best soprano of all time.

Maria was directed by “biographical film king” Pablo Larraín. This director once made Spencer – a film about Princess Diana, or more recently El Conde – a biography of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet that was just shown at the Venice Film Festival.

Vai diễn của nữ minh tinh rất được khán giả kỳ vọng

Angelina Jolie’s big biographical role

This is one of the first projects restarted after the writers’ strike (WGA) in Hollywood. Initial news about the project was announced in 2022.

The Hollywood Reporter said: “The film is based on the tumultuous, beautiful and tragic life of the world’s greatest opera artist.”

Maria Callas là giọng nữ cao người Hy Lạp gốc Mỹ, từng được mệnh danh là "kinh thánh của opera" - Ảnh: Britannica

Maria Callas is a Greek-American soprano, once known as the “bible of opera” – Photo: Britannica

Specifically, the film is set in the final days of Maria Callas’s life in Paris in the 1970s, before she died of heart disease at the age of 53.

The film was shot on many studios in Paris, Greece, Budapest, and Milan and is expected to be completed in 8 weeks.

According to Deadline , the script was written by screenwriter Steven Knight, famous for the series Pleaky Blinder (British Ghost).

The script was completed before the strike and the distributor made a temporary agreement with the actors union (SAG-AFTRA) so that the film could be shot.

In addition to star Angelina Jolie , the cast also includes many names in the European independent filmmaking world.

Một trong những tạo hình vừa được tiết lộ của Angelina Jolie. Ảnh People

They include Pierfrancesco Favino ( Adagio, The Hummingbird ), Alba Rohrwacher ( La Chimera, Hungry Hearts ), Haluk Bilginer ( Winter Sleep ), Kodi Smith-McPhee ( The Power of the Dog, Elvis ) and Valeria Golino ( Portrait of a Lady on Fire ).

“I am very excited that Maria is being rebooted, and hope that the film will succeed in telling the life and illustrious career of Maria Callas to audiences around the world.

That’s thanks to Steven Knight’s great script, the efforts of the entire cast and crew, and especially Angelina Jolie,” director Pablo Larraín shared.