Cardi B Praises ‘Super Moguls’ Jay-Z and Rihanna as Her Tongue Goes ‘Drunk’ on ‘Hot Ones’

Cardi B could barely focus on the questions during her “Hot Ones” interview, which dropped Thursday (Sept. 28), but that didn’t stop her from covering a wild range of topics that included Rihanna and Jay-Z, aliens and FDR, to name a few.

At one point proclaiming that the spicy sauces were making her tongue feel “drunk” — “I’m trying to say something but I can’t even focus on the f–king question!” — the 30-year-old rapper was characteristically unfiltered while sitting down with First We Feast’s Sam Evans. For example, when asked about the process of recording a radio-friendly version of her new collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, “Bongos,” Cardi didn’t hold back.

“Annoying!” she yelled. “So annoying. I was so over it. I’m like, ‘Baby eat these peaches and plums [instead of ‘eat this a– like a plum’].’ That sounds so corny, that sounds like Kidz Bop. But, I had no choice. So baby, eat these peaches and plums.”

The hilarious hip-hop star also went on a couple different rants between samples of hot sauce, including her love for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, her obsession with learning about World War II and her belief that extraterrestrial intelligent life definitely isn’t out there — no matter what gets said at Congressional hearings.

“I don’t believe the aliens are real,” she insisted. “If aliens are real, and they’re smarter than us, I feel like, why haven’t they invaded us? If they smart, they know how humans are. Humans are despicable.”

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On a more serious note, Cardi also gave a shoutout to her two biggest idols in the hip-hop space: Jay-Z and Rihanna. “They’re super moguls,” she said of the two stars, although the wings’ spiciness distracted her from adding anything else.

She also looked back fondly on a memory of Migos — the former rap trio of which her husband, Offset, had been a part of — freestyling a rap version of Llama Llama Red Pajama. The group, fleshed out by Quavo and the late Takeoff, read the children’s book to the beat of their own song “Bad and Boujee” in 2017.

“I love that book … I can only picture when the Migos was doing it,” she told Evans. “Good memories. I love having good memories of them in my head.”

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