Cardi B was compensated $1 million after accusations of… “p.r.osti.tution”

American female rapper Cardi B has just won a lawsuit seeking compensation for defamation. The party that must pay the compensation is blogger – LaTasha Kebe.

Cardi B được bồi thường 1 triệu USD sau cáo buộc... bán dâm - 1

American female rapper Cardi B has just won a lawsuit claiming compensation for defamation (Photo: New York Post).

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According to information released by the music news magazine Billboard (USA), a judge in the state of Georgia, USA, decided to win Cardi B’s judgment and receive 1.25 million USD in compensation for defamation of her name. attend.

The party that lost the lawsuit was blogger LaTasha Kebe. ​​According to the verdict issued by the court in the state of Georgia, USA, blogger LaTasha Kebe violated privacy rights and gave false information about others, affecting her reputation. attendance of others.

The breakthrough album name in Cardi B’s career – the album “Invasion of Privacy” released in 2018, talks about this very incident: “Invasion of privacy”. Blogger – LaTasha Kebe may have to suffer even more losses if she has to pay the litigation costs that Cardi B had to spend while pursuing this lawsuit.

Cardi B được bồi thường 1 triệu USD sau cáo buộc... bán dâm - 2

The party who must pay the compensation is blogger – LaTasha Kebe (Photo: New York Post).

Rapper Cardi B (29 years old) sued Kebe to court in 2019 because of a series of videos in which Kebe appeared. At that time, Kebe made unfounded accusations about rapper Cardi B, such as the female artist These are “prostitutes”, serious addicts, adulterers and sexually transmitted diseases…

Cardi B shared in court that she felt very depressed and even had suicidal thoughts after a series of “horrible” accusations that Kebe made: “I feel depressed and depressed, I don’t I want to be close to my relatives, even my husband – rapper Offset.”

During her most depressed period, Cardi B said she often suffered from dizziness, weight loss, headaches, stress… amid a series of false information rising around her.

“Only a person with many evil intentions could do such a thing,” rapper Cardi B said in court. When attending the trials, the female rapper had to apologize to the court many times because the language she used was not appropriate for the court context, because she was too upset and could not stay calm.

Rapper Cardi B’s real name is Belcalis Almánzar. Cardi B said that the false rumors that blogger Kebe spread led to some netizens constantly leaving insulting and hurtful comments towards her every time she posted. New information and images on social networks. Currently, blogger Kebe’s lawyer still has the right to appeal.


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